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The New Website FightingGamesHQ.com Brings Top Free Online Fighting Games to a Player’s Desk Top


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/17/2012 -- Fans of online fighting games are turning up in huge numbers to play the free fighting games at the new Website FightingGamesHQ.com. The Website features the top free online fighting games that can be played from any browser.

The art of besting an opponent through strength, skill and cunning in hand-to-hand combat is a sport that is as old as man. Today’s gaming enthusiasts have continued to embrace those sports in the online world as the options for the types of games have grown. The best of these online flash games can provide limitless fun and strategic play.

FightingGamesHQ.com is the latest Websites offering free fighting games online, which brings the top games to players’ desk tops. These free games range from martial arts experiences like Muay Thai and samurai sword fighting games to boxing and brawling games. “Our free online fighting games Website provides the best of all worlds so that gamers can have unending match surprises,” said the FightingGamesHQ.com Website founder.

An exciting example includes “Madness Hydraulic,” a shooting game with a ton of weapon choices and plenty of gore for those that like it. “Epic Quest” mixes role playing, fighting game and RPG elements but keeps the focus on the combat rather than complex storylines. “As a player progresses in “Epic Quest,” their characters gain new abilities in role-playing game fashion and the player can also buy items and additional creatures from shops,” said the Website founder.

“Hot Blood Boxing” is a one round boxing game that pits the player against a relentless and supremely intelligent AI, making winning a challenge. For those that love period games there is “Xenos,” a fighting game taking place in the year 2115 that puts the player in control of a high-tech battle suit or “Bohun Revenge,” a beat-em-up game that takes place in 16th century Ukraine.

The Website provides players with dozens of fighting games with more added regularly. Exciting graphics, music and movements, complete instructions and reviews for each game and high score placement round out the Website. “There’s nothing like being able to have a little fun and take out a little aggression with a great fighting game,” said the Website’s founder. With no downloads and being able to play them right in any browser, your set to go wherever and whenever you need an adventurous escape.” For more information, please visit http://fightinggameshq.com/

About FightingGamesHQ.com
FightingGamesHQ.com features the top online fighting games, all free to play directly in any Web browser. From boxing to Muay Thai and more fighting styles, The Website aims to collect the most fun fighting games for gaming enthusiasts. The site is updated often with the latest and newest free games.