The Newest Bark at the Moon Release: Premium Chicken Hearts Now Available on Amazon

Green Butterfly Brands has released their new Bark at the Moon Chicken Snack.


White Plains, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/02/2016 -- Green Butterfly Brands continues to expand their Bark at the Moon treat line with Premium Whole Chicken Hearts for dogs and cats. Their new dog treat on the market, Chicken Hearts, contain natural nutrients that are essential for every dog, from puppy to senior. As a reputable brand, the newest Bark at the Moon treat resumes their line of one-ingredient treats. Their one ingredient, All-Natural Human-Grade Whole Chicken Hearts, are freeze-dried to preserve nutrients and freshness. Chicken Hearts, known for being nutritious, contain lean protein and are a known source of taurine (beneficial for a dog's heart health). Additionally, they are high in fatty acids, vitamins A&B, and iron; these nutrients are beneficial to both dogs and cats. Per usual, Bark at the Moon's Chicken Hearts come from chickens raised in the United States and a portion of the proceeds will go toward training service dogs for veterans, furthering the brand's patriotic theme. "We guarantee that our Chicken Hearts will be a hit with your dogs," says Julia Stanton, Director of Marketing for Green Butterfly Brands. "Especially if they enjoyed our Chicken Jerky first- these new treats will not disappoint!"

Along with the Chicken Hearts, the three other Bark at the Moon treats are still being offered. The All-Natural Turkey Treats consist of farm-fresh ingredients that you'd find in your own pantry, such as real turkey, seasonal vegetables, and molasses. The Premium Chicken Jerky begins the Bark at the Moon One-Ingredient line, with a single ingredient of just USDA Grade-A Chicken Breast, a source of natural protein. The Salmon Treats for dogs and cats are also made from only one ingredient: salmon, wild-caught from rivers in the USA and freeze-dried to maintain freshness. All Bark at the Moon treats are grain-free and for dogs of all ages and dietary needs.

Green Butterfly Brands is a small American company. All its treats are made and sourced in the USA. The company's new treat, Premium Chicken Hearts, are now available for purchase on Amazon where Amazon offers free shipping on orders over $49 or any size order for those shoppers who are Prime Members.

About Green Butterfly Brands
Green Butterfly Brands is a family-run business committed to providing quality cat and dog treats made in USA. Bark at the Moon Healthy Pet Treats offers dog and cat owners a trustworthy way to reward their furry friends for love and loyalty. Bark at the Moon's All Natural Turkey Treats, Premium Chicken Jerky, Wild-Caught Salmon Treats and Premium Chicken Hearts can be purchased on Amazon.