The Newest DRM Music Converter Launched by Aimersoft Studios Is the Best Music DRM Removal

Aimersoft has launched updates for a variety of different software tools, including the media converter software, the music converter software and the video converter software. Updated software tools are available for both Windows and Mac devices.


Whittier, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/04/2012 -- Shenzhen, Guangdong - Aimersoft has recently launched updated versions of a variety of different useful tools like the newest Video Converter Ultimate. These software tools include media, video and music converters and DRM Music Converter are available for both Windows and Mac.

Amy Anderson, spokesperson for Aimersoft Studio says that, ¡°We're proud to offer a diverse array of software solutions for those who are looking to copy their music and video files to their computers without the restrictions imposed by DRM initiatives."

DRM, or digital rights management, impedes access to music and video files. The launch of these updated software tools makes accessing music and videos easier for users as it legally removes DRM. Aimersoft¡¯s updated version of the DRM Media Converter software, for example, allows users to legally remove DRM protection from iTunes, Amazon or other media files and convert them to just about any format. This allows music or videos to be played on any Windows or Mac device. This software converts files into more formats than Aimersoft¡¯s competitors, so compatibility is never an issue. Additionally, this conversion does not affect the quality of the music or video being converted.

Aimersoft Music Converter and Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate also allow users to easily remove DRM protection so that any Windows or Mac device can access the files. In addition to DRM removal and ensuring different media files can play on any device, Aimersoft¡¯s updated versions of these software tools also allow for optimized settings and batch conversion.

Additional popular products include Aimersoft¡¯s DVD Creator, the Video Studio Express and the DVD Backup for Mac. These software tools are also available online at affordable prices.

Aimersoft Studio prides itself on high-quality products and the quality is just one reason for the positive customer reviews. Customer feedback consistently praises the usefulness of the converter software and how straightforward it is to use, while reviews in high-profile publications such as PCWorld and Lifehacker also praise Aimersoft¡¯s products.

In addition to providing a high-quality product, Aimersoft also prides itself on great service. The software is sold at affordable prices and free trials are also offered. And it¡¯s also holding a promotion and only sell $25.95. Let¡¯s get yourself out from remove drm from music files and get rid of drm protection music from now on.

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