The Newly Released Kindle eBook Bundle - Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo - Is a Unique Take on the Dumas Classic.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/19/2013 -- The newly published three book collection, “Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo: Newly Discovered Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Special Edition)” tells the historical Dumas classic through the voice of none other than another legendary literary figure—the famous Scotland Yard detective Sherlock Holmes.

The Special Edition of the “Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo: Newly Discovered Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” which includes all three books in the Monte Cristo Series by the Holy Ghost Writer uniquely retells the classic Alexandre Dumas, through the voice of one of literary icon Sherlock Holmes.

Most people are familiar with the original story of the Count of Monte Cristo. A man wrongfully sent to jail escapes from it, acquires immense wealth, and begins to take revenge on those responsible for his misfortunes—no matter what the consequences.

While several classics have received unique spins in modern contemporary works, The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo rises above other reworkings due to the amount of research put into the novel. The Holy Ghost Writer consulted numerous different versions of the Dumas classic – the original French masterpiece, the oldest English translations, and a more recent 2003 Robin Buss translation – to garner inspiration and to create a completely new expansion of the original work.

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo begins with a retelling of the original The Count of Monte Cristo through the distinct voice of Arthur Conan Doyle’s sharp investigator Sherlock Holmes. The two books that follow introduce us to new adventures and characters immersing us into the a new world geniusly crafted by the Holy Ghost Writer. This Special Includes the first three books in the series. The series is to continue beyond the first three compelling installments, not only serving as a remix of the 19th century original but also as the Holy Ghost Writer’s completely original prequel to the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.

“The Sultan of Monte Cristo”—is already adored as a stand-alone novel by thousands of readers. We believe that this newly released three book collection - “Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo: Newly Discovered Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” - will shed new light onto an age old classic—and continue to do so book after book.

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