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The Next America: New 'Citizens' Guide' Provides Grassroots Tools to Fix Nation's Fiscal Disaster and Foster Hope for Tomorrow

Written by celebrated economic consultant Don A. Holbrook, ‘The Next America: Moving Beyond a Fragile Economy’ warns Americans of where their country is heading and what can be done to stop it. Based on his first-hand experience and unique knowledge, Holbrook urges readers to overcome their economic uncertainties and collectively make the United States fiscally sound once again.

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Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/06/2013 -- While the Government present a current picture of Washington working hard to rebuild the economy, Don A. Holbrook has a bold message for all Americans – the country is destined for further disaster and grassroots efforts are the only hope of real change. In his bold and powerful new book, Holbrook explains the current economic threat and equips readers will everything they need to get the United States back on its fiscal track.

‘The Next America: Moving Beyond a Fragile Economy’ exposes the stalled economic rebirth since the 2008-2012 financial crisis; a delay that is diminishing the prospects of full recovery as each day passes.


The economic chaos that has created so much destruction of wealth for regular Americans is far from over. This book examines problems and possible solutions within national, international, and local realms that will help us navigate these times and set a course toward calmer waters. While some clamor for more taxes to cover our government's programs, The Next America shows how we can restructure our tax code so it positively affects all aspects of our communities: education, businesses, innovation, political transparency, environmental issues, investments, and more. Concerned citizens and economic players alike will be inspired and motivated to act to reestablish the American Dream during this transitional time.

The politics of change are the responsibility of us all, we are part of the problem or the solution, the choice is ours individually. Knowing what progress is reasonable and what will have the greatest benefit to us is imperative to holding our elected officials accountable for what we all desire. Our nation needs us each to act to become informed and outspoken on how to rebuild, retool and renew America for the 21st century to benefit all of us, not just the elite few at the very top of the economic pyramid. Capitalism is still viable but we need to create a meaningful harness to make it work for everyone willing to pay their fair share of how to restructure our nation fairly for fiscal and social responsibility.

As the author explains, it is up to each individual to take action and re-build the solid economic structure that was once envied by the world.

“We are currently in a time of huge transition and change shouldn’t be left solely to Capitol Hill. However, no population can be expected to band together and take action if they don’t first understand the problem. My book is twofold; I start by outlining the economic epidemic and then offer an abundance of tools that any individual can use to play their part in recovery,” says Holbrook, whose consulting work has created billions of dollars for the public and private sectors.

Continuing, “It is understandable that most people are so frustrated that they can only cast blame. However, before we lose our innate ability to resonate hope for tomorrow’s generations, there is an opportunity for us to work together and achieve full fiscal and social recovery. My book is the tool – now it is up to Americans everywhere to decide if they want to use it.”

‘The Next America: Moving Beyond a Fragile Economy’ is available now:

About Don A. Holbrook, CEcD, FM
One of the world’s foremost public and private sector consultants on rebuilding and creating competitive local economies. His wit and candid nature are informative and conversational. He has a depth of knowledge that has set him apart from others in his field and created his position as one of the most respected thought leaders on economic development around the world. He has over 20 years of direct C-level experience in the field of economic development.

His public sector service, private sector consulting and pro-bono efforts and collaborations have created billions of dollars in economic impact cumulatively and have assisted in the creation of well over 50,000 jobs with experience in over a hundred projects that have created jobs, attracted new investments and helped to bolster local economies in North America.

Holbrook is an advocate for public-private partnerships as a means to create a catalyst for a mutually agreed upon shared risk from both the community and the private company to agree on the investment of new capital to create new jobs and new market opportunities that will diversify the local economy and grow a more robust corporate balance sheet