The Next Billion Dollar Company Is Set to Unveil a New Product Line

May 2014 all eyes will be on the exciting new products released by zija international. Some leaked information indicates the new products will be geared to the “active lifestyle” market.


Vancouver Island, BC -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/25/2014 -- an independent distributor of zija international is poised to show case the new product line that is said to be unveiled in early may 2014. With all the news surrounding the epidemic of obesity and disease proliferation around the world and the widespread introduction of Genetically Modified Organisms into our food chain, it stands to reason that companies that promote health and well being are seeing tremendous growth and financial security. Zija has already skyrocketed into a multi million dollar company and is poised to break the billion dollar mark in short order taking its family of distributors with it.

Zija’s product lines range from Nutritionals, Weight Management and a skin care line, it's unclear if they will be adding an additional line or just adding to an existing line. The building blocks of their products are based on the Moringa Tree or the “Miracle Tree” as it’s touted across the globe. Moringa Oleifera tree is the most nutrient rich plant on the planet, Over 90 verifiable nutrients abundant in Vitamin and proteins as well as all your amino acids. The big Draw to Zija seems to be there research and processing or lack of it. Zija’s products are not a food or drug but the company has brought the FDA in to their manufacturing plant to ensure quality Control of every Batch produced.

Moringa products are all natural, a whole food and are Enzymatically Active and 100% Bio Available to the body. A lot of supplements/nutritionals or vitamins are now over processed and synthetically made, that is where the nickname “Chemical Vitamins” was derived. Nutritionist indicate that our bodies are not accustomed to breaking down and utilizing synthetic compounds or the over processed and inactive vitamins.

Zija does not claim to be a cure all, however Moringa Benefits individuals by giving the body what it needs and requires on a daily basis. The diet of average North Americans have changed over the last 50 years as have the nutritional value of what the population is consuming. all the vitamins and nutrients, amino acids and proteins so the body will be equipped to repair and heal itself and fighting free radicals.

Moringainfo will be showcasing the new products when they become available in the next few weeks. There are also indications that the compensation plan may be getting a boost for the distributors, coming into the next phase of the companies’ development.

About is a proud Independent Distributor of Zija international, we are part of a global team of dedicated of professionals from all walks of life promoting the most amazing and life changing product. Soon everyone will know Zija and understand the benefits of there nutritional line.

Dan and Kelly

Dan or Kelly