The Next Music Generation Seeks Crowdfunding to Help New Artists


Toronto, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/20/2017 -- The Next Music Generation (TNMG) has aspirations to change the music industry in a positive way. This music label, booking & talent agency consists of an experienced advisory board with solid connections in the music industry. The company's primary objective is to assist these aspiring musicians and artists by providing them with trustworthy resources to succeed. Showcasing new artists through TV, concerts, radio, festivals, marketing, internet/social media, for maximum exposure.

There is also a plan for a reality TV show featuring new artists and documenting their rise to fame. TNMG ®The Money Revenue Connect ™ has also created a music education platform for industry professionals to connect with musicians and artists with the industry through The Money Revenue Connect's monthly events.

Services offered by The Next Music Generation will cover a variety of different outlets to help clients network effectively to become a professional in his/her field. The advent of modern technology has brought about changes in the music industry. The Next Music Generation will help them get acquainted with, and make the most of the digital revolution.

TNMG Services will include:

TNMG® Talent Agency - access to worldwide tv commercial/feature film/tv series/tv movies submissions TNMG® music artist contract includes:

TNMG® Tv Series
TNMG® APP (Google and ITunes)
TNMG® MasterCard & discount card
TNMG® Access executive team
TNMG® Project Management

TNMG® Ontario mini tour sponsored by TNMG® TNMG® Publishing deal TNMG® Media distribution deal TNMG® Merchandising and distribution deal - no cost TNMG® special appearances at the Juno's, summits, conferences etc.

With TNMG sponsoring and building strategic partnerships they will be able to assist with expenses of recording & mastering time, legal costs, artist development, music video creation for artists across the world.

TNMG® will be at the 2017 Junos celebrating the success of many Canadian artists.

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