The Next Music Generation (TNMG) Expands with New Film Division

The Next Film Generation will be a worldwide community and forum designed to seek out raw filmmaking talent residing in amateurs and various individuals buried in the massive online realm.


Toronto, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/06/2016 -- The Next Film Generation (TNFG) is an an extension of and addition to The Next Music Generation (TNMG) which provides resources, consultation, and guidance for up and coming music artists.

According to CEO Maryanne McMullen, "I would like TNFG to be the face of the Toronto Media Arts Centre advisory Committee to support their initiatives in building out the infrastructure for the fledgling music industry in Toronto," she starts while quickly adding "With TNFG collaborating with the TMAC, everyone here at The Next Music Generation will be able to help showcase artists in Toronto and across Canada."

Modern technology has revolutionized the film industry. Ever-improving video recording technology and decreasing equipment costs ultimately puts the potential power of a filmmaker in the hands of anyone with a smartphone. Paired with the vast number of social networks and video sharing websites, it has never been easier for someone to go viral. Anyone with a basic smartphone or recording device can virtually gain instant fame and film success thanks to the internet and social media.

The Next Film Generation filmmakers will be able to explore a new way of not just creating but sharing their artistic flair in all new ways intended to ignite imagination and inspire would-be filmmakers to do their very best.

The idea behind TNFG is to harvest from this untapped pool of budding and aspiring filmmakers (e.g. passionate film students, filmmaking hobbyists, etc. the next great film; either short film or feature-length movie. People from all over the world will be able to submit their films online to TNFG for a modest submission fee. Viewers can then vote on the best ones, bringing the top contenders to light for consideration.

Extending this new potential source of inspiration to students, TNFG will offer students of the Toronto District School Board the opportunity to earn their volunteer hours towards earning their diploma while giving them singular film making experience and even the opportunity to secure a job with TNFG after graduation. TDSB students will also have an opportunity to participate in voting for films placed by or through the educational system.

As a part of its outreach strategy in connecting audiences with fresh films, TNFG will hold various virtual film festivals.

The top winners will then be brought to and played at Sundance, Cannes, etc., effectively publicizing it in the film community. Within 2-3 years, TNFG will have a live festival.

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