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The Nit Nanny Now Offering Mint Detangler Spray for School Season


Lafayette Hill, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/04/2014 -- The Nit Nanny is now offering their Mint Detangler Spray for kids heading back to school this fall. This one step product both detangles hair and deters lice. The spray can be used whether hair is dry or wet and since it is perfectly homeopathic and a natural lice treatment, it can be used as many times as desired with no risk to the user, to help repel lice. Its all natural ingredients are only offensive to lice, keeping them away from the scalp, hopefully avoiding any infestation to begin with. The Nit Nanny’s Mint Detangler Spray can be used by the whole family and is non-toxic and smells great.

Head lice was a widespread problem at overnight camps this summer. Hopefully all the parents of kids who attended camps will take their kids to get head checks and treatments if lice are found, . but dDon’t assume everyone else has taken all the necessary measures. Even if one’s own child did not go to a camp, the safest option is to treat them with The Nit Nanny Mint Detangler Spray before they head back to school and spend a lot of time in close quarters with other kids.

If lice infestations do occur, be sure to have The Nit Nanny Head Lice Treatment Kit at the ready, containing two 8 fl. oz. bottle of The Lice Solution, one Removal Comb, one 7 fl. oz. bottle of The Mousse, and detailed instructions for application of each item.

Keep kids lice free this fall with The Nit Nanny.

To buy the best lice treatment for kids visit the company online or call 855-899-1056.

About The Nit Nanny
The Nit Nanny Product Line treatment for head lice enables customers to effectively eliminate head lice from a child, friend, or family member’s hair. The products are free of harmful chemicals and are safe for the whole family to use. These treatments were formulated by the world’s largest lice treatment company, Lice Lifters. The owner and creator, Michele Barrack, is a mother who experienced the frustration of head lice with her own children. Lice Lifters has treatment centers throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania, with The Nit Nanny products featured in independent pharmacies and beauty supply shops.

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