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The Nit Nanny Now Offering OTC Lice Treatment for Fall 2014


Lafayette Hill, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/21/2014 -- The Nit Nanny is now offering their full line of OTC lice treatment products for fall 2014. The company offers several products designed to kill lice and prevent them from returning, all without the use of harmful chemicals. Their all natural products are proven to be safe for customers and their children.

The Nit Nanny strives for a lice removal process that is not only effective but efficient and lasting, removing all traces of the bugs and their eggs and preventing future infestation. Treatment kits come with detailed instructions for each step of the process. Parents prefer The Nit Nanny not only because their products are free of harsh poisons and chemicals, but because over time lice have become resistant to the head lice shampoos available in pharmacies. Now if one uses a pharmacy shampoo they are using potentially harmful chemicals that won’t even be effective.

The combs provided in The Nit Nanny lice treatment kits are designed to remove more nits and bugs than ordinary OTC combs. The long teeth are perfect for any hair length, and can be removed and boiled to sanitize.

Many people try to use olive oil or mayonnaise as a natural homemade lice treatment. These are not effective because they allow the bugs to continue breathing. Only The Nit Nanny’s natural products penetrate the lice’s hard exoskeleton to get at their breathing system.

For more information about buying lice treatment kits this fall visit The Nit Nanny online or call 855-899-1056.

About The Nit Nanny
The Nit Nanny Product Line treatment for head lice enables customers to effectively eliminate head lice from a child, friend, or family member’s hair. The products are free of harmful chemicals and are safe for the whole family to use. These treatments were formulated by the world’s largest lice treatment company, Lice Lifters. The owner and creator, Michele Barrack, is a mother who experienced the frustration of head lice with her own children. Lice Lifters has treatment centers throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania, with The Nit Nanny products featured in independent pharmacies and beauty supply shops.

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