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The Nit Nanny Now Offering over-the-Counter Lice Solutions for Little Leaguers This Spring


Lafayette Hill, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/15/2014 -- As April has arrived, many children—boys and girls—have enrolled in little leagues across the country. From baseball to softball, kids are having catch, taking batting practice, fielding grounders, and spitting sunflower seeds. While there is tremendous excitement when receiving that hat and t-shirt as preparation for games continue, it is important to be cautious about the items individuals are sharing. Sharing aids in the spread of head lice, which can be embarrassing and frustrating for the entire team. This spring, when head lice becomes a problem in the household or on the team, The Nit Nanny has their OTC lice treatment products available for little leaguers and softball players across the country.

Most ball teams have a bag with a select amount of helmets—usually four or five—which are shared between the 15 or so members of the team. When one player contracts head lice, bugs can sit in the helmets and crawl onto the hair of other team members. The Nit Nanny Lice Treatment Products feature easy to use products that effectively rid the hair of any traces of lice in just one 10 minute treatment. Products are sold at a number of salons and pharmacies throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey, but those children residing around the country can buy the best lice treatment for kids on Amazon. A link can be found through their website.

The products are all-natural and contain zero harmful chemicals or pesticides for a soothing feeling after treatment. The Nit Nanny is physician recommended and provides children and parents alike with an all-in-one lice solution kit. Coaches, parents, and players should be aware of the severity of head lice during little league season. When head lice sprouts up in hats and helmets on the team, it is crucial to receive treatment as quickly as possible to provide a healthy head of hair and be able to continue the season noncontagious. To hear more about their products, or to make a purchase for any instance of head lice, please visit the website today.

About The Nit Nanny
The Nit Nanny Product Line treatment for head lice enables customers to effectively eliminate head lice from a child, friend, or family member’s hair. The products are free of harmful chemicals and are safe for the whole family to use. These treatments were formulated by the world’s largest lice treatment company, Lice Lifters. The owner and creator, Michele Barrack, is a mother who experienced the frustration of head lice with her own children. Lice Lifters has treatment centers throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania, with The Nit Nanny products featured in independent pharmacies and beauty supply shops.

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