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The Nit Nanny Now Offering Their Products Through Amazon


Lafayette Hill, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/11/2014 -- Many children succumb to the annoyance of head lice. No matter the steps that are taken to prevent it, a head louse can latch onto a child’s hair and lay their nits at any given moment. There are a number of ways for children to treat their head lice, but many over-the-counter head lice treatment products contain chemicals that the nits and louse have learned to resist. When head lice infest a child’s hair, it is important to treat the hair effectively so as to avoid spreading it to other members of the family. For a reliable and all natural lice treatment solution, The Nit Nanny is pleased to announce they now have their homeopathic treatment kits available for purchase on Amazon.

The Nit Nanny Product line has proven its effectiveness at getting rid of over 99 percent of head lice. Whereas other products contain pesticides and other harmful chemicals, The Nit Nanny prides themselves on having a lice solution that is toxic-free and not dangerous to children. The treatment is soothing and tested extensively, so parents know the head lice in their child’s hair will be smothered and eliminated.

On Amazon, those interested can purchase products separately, or as a kit that contains everything they will need. The kit comes with a lice shampoo, an oil solution containing a variety of oil solutions that will rid the hair of any live lice in just 10 minutes, a removal mousse and comb. Each product comes with a thorough set of instructions for easy application and high quality results. As a clinically proven method of lice treatment, there’s no better way to get rid of the headache and annoyance of head lice than with The Nit Nanny.

The treatment line is available at a variety of independent pharmacies and Sweet and Sassy stores throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Those infested with lice around the world can find a reliable solution at an affordable price. With its listing on Amazon, parents can buy the best lice treatment for kids at the click of a mouse. For more information about their products, please visit the website today.

About The Nit Nanny
The Nit Nanny Product Line treatment for head lice enables customers to effectively eliminate head lice from a child, friend, or family member’s hair. The products are free of harmful chemicals and are safe for the whole family to use. These treatments were formulated by the world’s largest lice treatment company, Lice Lifters. The owner and creator, Michele Barrack, is a mother who experienced the frustration of head lice with her own children. Lice Lifters has treatment centers throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania, with The Nit Nanny products featured in independent pharmacies and beauty supply shops.

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