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The Nit Nanny Products Are Now Lice Lifters Lice Removal Products


Lafayette Hill, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/19/2015 -- The Nit Nanny®, one of the leading all-natural lice treatment products on the market, has announced the national rebranding of their lice removal products to mirror their corporate and retail centers branding.

Nit Nanny® products will now be available nationally as Lice Lifters® Lice Treatment Products. According to Michele Barrack, President, Owner, and creator of Lice Lifters® , "this allows our great customers and their families with lice that visit our retail and treatment centers to be able to identify the products we use in their lice treatment better, and it bring the brand full circle and in line with the rest of our branding. As we grow, and expand our franchises into more states, we want people to know there is once source for lice removal. So once you see the Lice Lifters® name, you know you can get treatment in one of our centers, or buy our lice treatment products and still receive the 100% effective Lice Lifters experience."

Like the Nit Nanny, Lice Lifters products will still offer the same great lice removal products as before. Currently, the product lineup includes: The Lice Solution Treatment, the Mint Detangling Spray, which both detangles hair and deters lice, and both a small and large Lice Treatment Kit. The will also be introducing a redesigned Lice and Nit Removal Comb under the Lice Lifters name that is one of the best of its kind on the market.

Head lice was a widespread problem at overnight camps this summer and will continue during the fall months in schools and daycares,. and With the spread of "super lice" and major lice outbreaks, Lice Lifters hopes knows that its products will bring brand recognition for those looking for a product that they both can trust and guarantee works and is effective. The Lice Lifters products are free of harmful chemicals and are safe for the whole family to use.

Keep your family lice free this fall with The Lice Lifters® Lice Treatment Products or visit a lice treatment center in your state near you. To purchase the best lice treatment for kids, please visit the company website, or call 484-383-3383.

About Lice Lifters®
Michele Barrack established Lice Lifters® in September of 2010, as a result of being a mother who had experienced her own frustrations with lice with her own children. These initial treatments were formulated into one of the world's largest lice treatment companies, Lice Lifters®. Since then, Lice Lifters® has grown to over 12 11 location in 4 states, with lice treatment centers dedicated to helping those who are suffering from lice get the proper, safe treatment that is needed to effectively eliminate lice. By giving families the peace of mind of living lice free is Lice Lifters® main goal as well as controlling outbreaks.

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