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The Notary Law Institute Offers Live Monthly Webinars, State-Specific Seminars, and Corporate Training

NLI Has Trained More Than 150,000 Notaries Nationwide


Orem, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/23/2016 -- The Notary Law Institute (NLI), America's leading notary service and training provider, offers training that helps notaries public establish good practices and avoid liability for both notaries and their employers, and services to help them obtain their state commission.

Founded in 1991, NLI's mission is to educate notaries by providing live training seminars and live monthly webinars. In addition, NLI has expanded their services to provide customized live corporate trainings, which cover notary law and practices along with topics specifically requested by the client.

"We've become the leader in notary training because our philosophy is to teach only what the law says," owner Richie Burton said. "We have a team that understands the law and we instruct our clients on how to strictly adhere to the best methods and practices."

The monthly live webinars cover the basics along with more advanced topics, and are a simple way for notaries to get started or continue their education. While the law holds notaries to strict standards, those rules and liabilities are rarely addressed when someone becomes a notary, Burton said. NLI's live webinars help explain the standards and expectations that state laws have about the duties of a notary public.

"Most notaries in America are asked to become a notary for their job," Burton said. "But most receive little to no training about how to perform their duties according to the law and how to avoid missteps and liability. Our webinars help set the record straight." Notary liability has become a much larger issue, in light of recent events such as the big ForeclosureGate lawsuits, and corporations are quickly realizing their part in things

Notary Law's most popular and well-known offering is its series of live seminars, held on a regular basis around the country. The seminars cover everything needed to know about the rules, laws, and practices of a notary public in a given state. "We've heard from thousands of seminar attendees that our seminars should be required for anyone who wants to either become a notary public or renew his or her commission," Burton said. "100% approval ratings seem to say this is the very best training available in America for notaries."

About Notary Law Institute
Founded in 1991 by Peter Van Alstyne, one of America's leading notary authorities, the Notary Law Institute was established to help notaries know their laws and duties. They pride themselves in teaching only what the law says by using strictly adherent methods, practices, and notary supplies. The Notary Law Institute specializes in teaching nationwide live notary seminars, online training, and helping notaries obtain their commission efficiently.