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The Novick Agency Advises on Teen Drinking and Driving During Prom Season


Bensalem, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/15/2019 -- As the leading provider of auto insurance for residents across the state of Pennsylvania, the dedicated team at The Novick Agency is committed to providing expert advice for their clients. With prom season approaching, their staff is offering guidance for teens and their parents regarding drinking and driving during the prom season.

Because teen and college-aged drivers can have a significant impact on their parent's insurance rates, it's essential to keep up-to-date with the latest statistics. Over 90% of teens believe that their classmates will drink and drive on prom night, while only 29% of them believe that drunk driving is dangerous. 36% of teens say that their parents allow them to attend parties with alcohol available, and 54% of these teens will drink more than four alcoholic drinks during prom night. These startling figures mean that the chance of auto accidents is significantly increased for teens during prom season.

Parents are urged to keep tabs on their teen's whereabouts on prom night and discuss the perils of drunk driving with their teenage children. They're also advised to encourage their teens to call them if they end up in a situation where they are too drunk to drive. Adults should never provide alcohol to teens attending a prom party; this is dangerous, irresponsible, and could result in fines or a jail sentence.

Teens are advised to never leave drinks unattended and to avoid drunk driving or getting into a vehicle with someone under the influence at all costs. Groups of friends are encouraged to keep tabs on each other and make sure that no one tries to drive while intoxicated.

Additionally, arranging safe transportation to and from prom night events with a designated and sober driver is one of the best preventative measures available. No matter what a child's plans are this prom season, it's critical to ensure they stay safe, protected, and out of harm's way.

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