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The Octagon Key: Engrossing New Novel Tells Saga of Love, War and Hope.

Set in North America, ten thousand years in the future, Brian K. Kerley’s latest novel takes readers on a compelling journey into a world that has dramatically changed from the present.


Tok, AK -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/11/2013 -- Scientists and laymen are always fantasizing about what the future of our planet may hold. However, in a powerful new book by Brian K. Kerley, one possible theory is put forward in compelling literary form.

Following continental shifting, drastic human evolution and brutal war, ‘The Octagon Key’ takes the reader deep into a journey of science fiction, fantasy and magic.


A man woke up with amnesia to find that he had bested five swordsmen and that he carried a strange object. Saved from his grave injury by a healer of unique ability and remarkable beauty, they learn that others of power and station are willing to kill for the object he carries.

On the road to rescue his ransomed family, whom he does not remember, Imar’s attraction to Dalla grows and he learns that the eight sided object in his pouch is a key to a faraway underground fortress containing advanced knowledge and technology from the forgotten past. Others would have the Octagon Key because it also unlocks access to powerful weapons unimaginable in this Medieval Age of Sail.

Imar must find the self he cannot remember, keep the key from falling in the hands of evil, and decide whether to destroy the Octagon Key or use it for good.

As the author explains, his narrative offers a well-rounded view of the futuristic unknowns.

“This saga is full of high adventure, love, honor, war, betrayal, and hope; set ten thousand years in the future,” says Kerley.

He continues, “Technology, not too distant from now, happened too rapidly and the by-products were pollution, famine, disease, and war—less than one percent of humankind survived. People went underground to survive and emerged with next to no memory or recorded history of the past, until a key was found that could unlock the technological marvels of that advanced age.”

His book also throws up a series of imagination-stretching dilemmas and questions.

“Human nature does not change, or does it? Can men and women learn from mistakes of the past? Many want the octagon key for the great historical, medical, and industrial good it can unlock—others would destroy it—but some lords and kings would have the power for world domination,” he adds.

While geared towards any fan of the sci-fi, fantasy and adventure genres, ‘The Octagon Key’ will prove especially appealing to those with an interest in 18th and 19th century sailing stories.

Critics praise the author and his book for their wide appeal and enthralling adventure. Expected to see huge demand, potential readers are urged to secure their copy before it’s too late.

‘The Octagon Key’, published by Wolf & Sparrowhawk Wilderness Press, is available from Amazon: http://amzn.to/WToczx

About Brian K. Kerley
Brian K Kerley lives in rural Alaska with his wife and grandson. He holds a degree in aviation from the University of Alaska Anchorage, and studies literature and creative writing at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Brian works seasonally as a bush pilot and has had a multitude of experiences from Army medic to ship welder and commercial diver on the Dutch Harbor crab fleet.