The Official "CT Fashion Week" Set to Kick-off 4-Week Countdown


West Haven, CT -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/13/2014 -- Connecticut Fashion Week is set to run The weekend of Oct 31st – Nov 2nd 2014 with Community events surrounding the main shows for 2014, with a "Revisited" theme!!!!

Connecticut Fashion Week seeks to celebrate the state’s rich culture with an international theme as models and designers from various ethnic backgrounds are integral parts of all events. While the week is a celebration of Connecticut fashion it is also a way for organizers to collaborate with community-based and non-profit organizations to assist persons in need.

Each day of Connecticut Fashion Week a part of the proceeds goes to a designated non profit association or individuals in need. Each showing runs approximately 2 hours long and the cost is $25 each show for general admission. To RSVP, please email your name, contact information to

The Kick Off Day, October 31st – is the Red Carpet Fashion Gala & Masquerade Show, also known as CT Fashion Night Out, to be held in Stamford, CT!!!

Connecticut Fashion Week will celebrate Connecticut’s rich cultural with an International and theme-related segments, such as a cowboy segment, fashions through time and per. Models and Designers of ethnic backgrounds, counties and continents will be represented!

Fashion Week LLC has partnered with various proprietors in the different communities. Our strict focus during the first portions of the weeklong event will be networking and learning opportunities, ending in high-fashion shows. This is a perfect coming together of “Fashion, Arts and Entertainment”. The residents of Connecticut can discover the beauty of culture while the communities benefit from both the patronage and goodwill of the mission of CT Fashion Week.

With a plan to tie in boutiques and restaurants from New Haven and Connecticut Cities, the event will feature designers who produce lines representing the diversity of Connecticut.

Exciting Event Features….

CT Fashion Week will feature established and aspiring fashion designers and other industry members showcasing their work and services to the public and businesses. A high-energy fashion show will facilitate the weeks beginning, with workshops, features and contests held during the week, tapering off with a Grand Fashion Finale with recognitions as the last show. A ceremony will kick off the event and a fashion finale will taper the event. Local, national and international designers, models and celebrities will be featured in various ways with autograph signings, memorabilia, raffles and auctions, a children's themed fashion shows, a designer competition along with several smaller shows with an awards ceremony and cocktail at week’s end as part of a few of the event highlights. Elm City Market (New Haven) will be collaborating with CT Fashion Week for an event themed Food & Fashion, where those interested in culinary can display foods in a fashion exhibition

A Shortlist of Participating Designers include, DoubleTake a sophisticated styling/Designing company; Karlene Lindsay Designs; B. Pretty Inc. Designs, Renelle Resse Designs; INYNE; Dorret Brooks; Samantha’s Fashions, Bowties by Cylus Anthony.


Prior to the main events in October & November, CT Fashion Week participates in several community and commercial events to help publicize the event and create awareness of youth and education through fashion.

Connecticut Fashion Week also seeks to establish and build relationships with local and national media and businesses. There are unlimited resources of promotional opportunities for sponsors, participants and vendors to network as part of the CT Fashion Week Team.

Past event hosts during the week include Kristin Huffman, of The New Paradigm Theatre and Host Jaki V. Lauper of Jakis Buzz Talk Show (

For more information on participation, feel free to email to: or call: 203-809-2565 and via web at

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