The Official Video of Hip Hop Star Rico Rossi Latest Single Look at Her Go Has Been Released

Rico Rossi smash hit single Look At Her Go (feat. Clyde Carson, Mike Marty, Brizzy Bee) Single is now available for download


Torrance, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/21/2014 -- Forget the Timberland and Eminem's of the world and forget about Miley Cyrus twerking at the MTV Music Awards, if people want to hear real Hip Hop and watch fine women who know how to get down and dance, then check out Rico Rossi and his official music video to go with his latest hit song, Look At Her Go (feat. Clyde Carson, Mike Marty, Brizzy Bee)

Warning, The Look At Her Go official video is not for people with a heart condition, the single is so hot is nearly burns when played and the women in the music video are so X-Rated it is surprising the camera crew gave Rico Rossi the amount of video time they did.

Rico Rossi is a San Francisco Bay Area Hip Hop Artist who knows how to put words together with meaning, and prime example comes in the form of the hit song, ‘Look At Her Go’ which makes anyone want to get down to the dance floor and get down and dirty, showing Miley Cyrus how to really do those moves.

Look At Her Go, which can be purchased as a download on iTunes (, has got Rico Rossi fans excited and that was before the official music video came out. The song has taken the Internet by storm with some fans calling it the Hip Hop song of 2014 while others have said it is one of the best Hip Hop tracks of all time.

Rico Rossi with his success has shown acts do not need the likes of Simon Cowell and the failed America X Factor show behind them to make it big in the music world, all that is needed is talent and Rico Rossi has that in bags full.

To check out the official video of Look At Her Go (feat. Clyde Carson, Mike Marty, Brizzy Bee), visit

Be warned, after downloading the single from iTunes, one mightl need to make space in the room as one will want to get down and dance, the hit single does not allow people to sit there and, so one has to get down and dance.

If you want to know what Rico Rossi is up to then get on over to his Facebook page for all the latest news. or Visit his Twitter Profile at or his website at

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