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The Omega Event: Intense New Political Thriller Pits Leaders' Bold Desire for Power Against Codes of Integrity & Duty

Shayde Michaels spins a high-octane political adventure where leaders from the United States, Russia, Israel and Europe collide with true geopolitical passion. The nation’s first female President is about to be impeached, but is forced to turn her attention to a world-changing catastrophe that will soon make allies out of enemies. But, when the world fears such a disaster, what influence does the professional dynamics and personal thirsts for power of those ‘in charge’ have? Michaels exposes all.


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/03/2014 -- The media is once again hotting-up as a certain former First Lady could be about to announce her Presidential candidacy. In Shayde Michaels’ new novel, the nation has had its first female Commander-in-Chief for two years, and she now faces the biggest test of her life.
‘The Omega Event’ fuses political intrigue with action, suspense and deep character dynamics as it explores how competing interests affect military and political decisions around the globe.


It’s the middle of her initial term and the first female president of the U.S. is confronted by two crises: her pending impeachment for a campaign contribution scandal and an imminent world-changing catastrophe that can only be averted by close cooperation between the U.S. and Russia. However the president’s policies have gutted the armed forces leaving the U.S. military leaders with very little for manpower or hardware, placed Israel in a totally vulnerable position, and have allowed Iran to become the dominant power in the middle east,.

The newly elected Speaker of the House of Representatives is torn by his Constitutional duty to support the president as Commander-in-Chief during this time of crisis and his legal and moral obligations to pursue her impeachment for the cover-up of a theft of several million dollars of union campaign contributions that were earmarked to her political campaign. The president, overwhelmed by the potential loss of her power and position, vacillates on the need to serve the nation in this time of peril, or cover her political vulnerabilities, even if it means significant risk to the nation.

From the looming crisis emerge several individuals who, racing against the clock, spurn politics in their quest to keep the world from descending into major war and calamity. Will they be successful? Can politics and the lust for power by certain world leaders be supplanted by the need to do good for sake of the planet?

“We have a supposed-unified Government, but each ‘cog’ often has a very different agenda,” explains Michaels, now a business executive. “From the Commander-in-Chief to his/her Chief of Staff and even newly-recruited Privates in the Army; each individuals’ interests ultimately have an outcome on potentially life-changing national decisions.”

Continuing, “Everyone puts their faith in those in power, and we hope that they can do their jobs, quashing our fears and anxieties, without letting those same emotions drive their decisions. This story rapidly changes as the global situation becomes known to our principle characters, and readers are invited inside their individual perspective as personal/professional dynamics, power trips and unwritten codes of integrity tug from different directions. This all takes place while each leader is forced to keep their focus on the people they were sworn in to protect. It’s quite the literary ride!”

Readers agree, leaving overwhelmingly positive reviews. For example, Dave Bimmer comments, “Wow. I couldn't put it down. It's been a while since I've gotten a page turner like this one. The political aspects--what might it be like if a power hungry person with no respect for the law, only a lust for power, was the president-- forcing other leaders to straddle the fence of following the Constitution while doing their best to avoid the ethical issues the president casts upon them, was mesmerizing. I also found the Middle East issues and the prospect of an Israeli-Iranian war well played. The character development against the backdrop of the story--the pending 'Omega Event'--and how it was written was intriguing.”

‘The Omega Event’, from Tate Publishing, is available now: http://amzn.to/1q4PVg0

About Shayde Michaels
Shayde Michaels is a business executive for a major corporation in the consumer goods industry where he is also a speaker and trainer for leadership and professional development. During his service as a US Army infantry officer, he was published in several professional journals and continued as a writer, switching from military subjects to automobile magazines when he began his business career. Shayde makes his home in Chicago.