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The One and Only Google Rapper to Release "Stole a Font Nonchalant" Album This Month

Preston Hudman’s New Song Gains 300K Followers with the Number Still Growing on Spotify


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/10/2020 -- Preston Hudman very famously known as the one and only Google Rapper is pleased to announce that his new song "Stole a Font Nonchalant" is going to be released on the 15th of February, 2020. This latest release is about a cyber-terrorist, a drug user and a paranoid who things that Google is chasing him. Here in this single, Hudman will be seen rapping about internet marketing, technology and related stuff. The song is extremely fast paced, aggressive and as per Preston it is going to sound very mean and bad. And fans seem to be already liking this vibe of the latest release. To catch the latest song visit

This independent artist and an avid entertainer has already created numerous hit singles on his Spotify page under his own sub-genre called the "Cyber Rap". Preston Hudman is also pleased to share that he has recently reached a whopping 316k followers on his Spotify account. Apart from a successful independent music artist, a comedian and an entertainer, Preston is also a freelancer/ social media marketer who has successfully fueled the career of many artists and celebrities through their social media and spotify accounts. Hudman has valuable associations with Instagram's top influencers across niches ranging from business to real estate, models to Hollywood celebrities, internet influences to music artists. Here is wishing Preston a Googl'icious success on the new release.

To know more visit,, and to tune homie aka tube homie new song.

About Preston Hudman
Preston Hudman born on November 3rd 1985 is an American Internet Personality, Comedian, YouTube/Google Expert, Rapper and an Entrepreneurial Growth Hacker. Apart from being a talented entertainer and a music producer, Preston is also a freelance entrepreneur pursuing income from various revenue streams such as improving the social media presence of brands, businesses and celebrities. What makes Preston even more interesting is his distrust for Google and the way he investigates the platform for the genuineness that it claims.

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