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The Opinions of Friends and Family May Have Subtle Influence an Individual and Their Choice to Be a "Sugar Baby"

A “sugar daddy” or “sugar mama” is an individual with a substantial amount of money who pays a “sugar baby” to keep them company, and sometimes for even more. Do the opinions of friends and family have an effect on those who choose to date these wealthy individuals?


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/23/2013 -- Today in America alone, the majority of the population has been shown to have an obsession, on some level whether healthy or not, with money. That being said, most Americans today would take advantage of dating a “sugar daddy” or “sugar mama”. let’s anybody find a wealthy match that’s for them, much like, eHarmony, or other dating sites.

But do the opinions of friends and family have an effect on the outcome of a relationship involving one such wealthy person?

There’s much controversy spiraling around the topic or sugar babies and sugar parents, one such asking the question of whether or not the act of being a sugar baby to a sugar daddy constitutes as prostitution. But there are two sides to this coin, and friends and family will choose one or the other.

The first is that being someone’s sugar baby is like being their prostitute, being paid to keep them company and provide favors they may not otherwise if money wasn’t involved. Relationships like this generally have no emotional connection or bond. That being said, when friends or family see things like this, they might become skeptical and protective, trying to convince the “sugar baby” this isn’t safe emotionally and physically, and possibly even illegal.

The second is that sometimes people just have cash. And when they’re with someone they care about, that cash becomes a secondary object to their romantic interest, therefore they have no issue spending it for their sugar baby. And they genuinely care about their sugar baby; a real relationship. Friends and family in this instance may or may not become skeptical depending on the tone of the relationship, but generally this type of romance gains positivity.

But opinions work two ways on the sugar baby depending on the tone of the relationship. Positive opinions reinforce positive feelings, and diminish negative ones. However, negative opinions reinforce negative feelings, and will diminish positive ones. The power to modify these feelings depends on the strength of both the relationship between the friends and family giving opinions, as well as between the daddy and baby.

That being said, more often than not with “sugar daddy\sugar baby” relationship, money becomes the wild card, overruling the negative opinions given by important people, and reinforcing the positive ones, depending on the amount of money involved.

In conclusion, opinions, whether positive or negative, may or may not have an effect depending on a multitude of factors. Regardless of the fact we live in a sometimes money-centric world, safety is important, and no amount of money can buy a human life, or pay for a human death.

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