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The Oprah Effect: Is Oprah Still Relevant? Book a 'Master Class' on Living Life the Oprah Winfrey Way

From authors Nancy Mehagian and Judith Proffer, ‘The Oprah Effect’ offers a chance for fans of the blockbuster show to reconnect with the inspiration Oprah imparted to their every day lives. Detailing twenty-five of Oprah’s best lessons with wit, warmth and wisdom, the women share their own stories and form ‘the whole picture’ on the woman who changed television – forever.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/18/2014 -- It’s a question that thousands of women ask themselves every day. While standing in front of the bra rack (and needing that ‘perfect fit’) or wondering whether or not to forgive a cheating spouse, the question hovers in the air and offers a world of possibility.

What would Oprah do?

After twenty-five years on the air, Oprah Winfrey was the reigning Queen of Daytime TV and the advice she imparted often took on a life of its own. From convincing a chip company to manufacture a baked version of their ‘rippled’ chip just for her, to making celebrities out of Dr. Phil and Nate Berkus, and extolling the virtues of ‘living your best life’, Oprah became the voice in many women’s heads. When she was gone, there was something missing – a gap that seemed too vast, too monumental, to ever fill.

Authors and friends Nancy Mehagian and Judith Proffer felt that loss keenly and in their book ‘The Oprah Effect’ the women strive to reconnect with the woman herself, while sharing their own stories about how their individual journeys have been affected and impacted by The Oprah Winfrey Show.

"Oprah has contributed to the well-being of the planet in extraordinary ways by imparting heart and knowledge and overall belief in the ability of each of us to continually grow and evolve,” says Nancy Mehagian, a longtime Oprah ‘convert’. “These lessons aren't uniquely Oprah's, but she adeptly used the platform of her show to punctuate their significance.”

Emotional, wise, and full of tips, advice, laugh-out-loud stories and light bulb moments, ‘The Oprah Effect’ is a fitting tribute to the enormous impact the show had on millions of people across the globe.


What would Oprah do? She would age without self-pity. She would read 'til her eyes were blurry. She would love fiercely, laugh ferociously and let tears fly unashamed. She would turn to nature to heal. And travel with Gayle to let loose. And she would say good-bye with grit, humor and without regret. What did Oprah do? She changed the face of television. She got the conversation going. She inspired and she enlightened. She delivered life-changing lessons. Above all, she encouraged millions of viewers to get unstuck and move their lives forward. "The Oprah Effect" is an intimate look at how some of the teachings of The Oprah Winfrey Show influenced the personal lives and career paths of the authors, Southern California friends who, like Oprah, love their dogs, their close friends and family, a good book, Mother Nature, "aha" moments and reeeeeaaaaalllly good food.

Nancy Mehagian is a teacher, healer, epicurean and writer (Supernatural Kids Cookbook, Siren's Feast An Edible Odysey). Judith A. Proffer is a former newspaper publisher (LA Weekly, Sun Community Newspapers), entrepreneur (Magpie Gourmet Mini Pies, Magpye Media, Huqua Press, Padaro Press) and writer. As unlikely as it is that a dirt-poor girl from Mississippi would become buddies with the booty shaking star of "Saturday Night Fever" are pretty much the same odds of these two friends ever meeting up. Nancy was a spirited hippie who would open the first vegetarian restaurant on the island of Ibiza, hanging out with the likes of Joni Mitchell and Taj Mahal. Judith was raised in Michigan with corn-fed sensibilities and big city dreams and longed to meet Walter Cronkite (she did), own her own newspaper (she did that too) and travel the world – a bursting at the seams passport validates the realization of that dream. Along the way they each got a little lost, they each got a little found and they happened upon an adventurous and everlasting friendship in one another.

And it was Nancy, a frequent Oprah viewer, who encouraged Judith, a decidedly non-viewer, to watch the pull-out-all-the-stops emotional, engaging, enlightening and entertaining 25th and final season. So inspired by the lightning paced illumination they have each embraced and tried their best (sometimes successfully, sometimes not) to emulate over the years, this book was birthed to offer simple and practical lessons that can offer the reader keys to make changes in their own lives. From the searing reality of the importance of forgiveness (essential, but painful and rarely easy) to the creation of a vision board (fun, fun, fun), The Oprah Effect delivers tales of compassion, courage and evolution. Not to mention the smack in the face of instant karma. Oprah inspired the world to live, love and laugh. With "The Oprah Effect," Mehagian and Proffer share practical tools on how to live out loud, how to love ourselves and how to laugh with the whole of our hearts.

Since its release, ‘The Oprah Effect’ has earned a five star rating on Amazon and glowing reviews from readers.
"As America's best girlfriend, Oprah connected us in profound and meaningful ways. In The Oprah Effect Nancy Mehagian and Judith Proffer keep us connected to some of the amazing and dynamic lessons learned on the Oprah Show, with a gentle reminder that the power to change remains within each and every one of us," - Liz Pryor, former "Good Morning America" Advice Guru.

“The Oprah Effect is a "life coach in your pocket", inviting the reader to apply each lesson to his/her own life. I recommend this uplifting book to anyone interested in how to make each day (as Oprah would say) an "opportunity to get it right". The Oprah Show may be over, but its powerful lessons remain,” wrote AJG.

“This book takes all the important wisdom gathered from a lifetime of Oprah and narrows it down to the essential lessons that will guide a reader on a journey to a life of peace and happiness. This is a master class in joy,” wrote Bruce Binkow.

As Judith Proffer points out, while The Oprah Winfrey Network is showing signs of struggle, she is sure of Oprah’s ability to rise to the challenge.

“Even as arguably the most recognized woman on the planet, Oprah still teaches us through her own challenges that our life's work is to grow, take risks and make a difference along the way. While she hasn't fully settled into her new groove yet, we are confident she'll find her way if she deploys the teachings she shared for twenty-five years,” says the author.

Continuing: “We have great faith in her resilience because we believe with the tools she taught us, anything is possible. Even for her. Especially for her. And that means it's accessible to the rest of us too. These lessons are the blueprint for a life lived out loud, warts and all."

‘The Oprah Effect’ is available now in both paperback and eBook formats: http://amzn.to/1jgHBYd

About the Authors
Nancy Mehagian is the author of the award-winning “Siren’s Feast” and “The Supernatural Kids Cookbook” and is a healer and teacher. Judith A. Proffer is a writer, media producer, former newspaper publisher/owner and book publisher who has been honored for her business savvy and community work.

Proffer launched her Huqua Press two years ago and The Oprah Effect is one of her first titles. “I wanted to understand firsthand the plight and challenges as well as goosebumps of being an author published by a small publishing house. I worked with the majors in my alternative newsweekly days and always longed to create an environment where titles and authors are nurtured for the long haul, not just a two week release window. It took Oprah years to find an audience and that worked well for her. And sometimes books take time to find the right audience too.”