The Organization "Adalla Misr" Reveals the Truth Behind Egypt June 30th Anti-Morsi Revolution Attempt


Cairo, Egypt -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/21/2013 -- The organization "Adalla Misr" reveals that the main sponsor behind the protest planned for June 30th is no other than billionaire Hussein Salem.

According to our sources, Salem recruited a group of wealthy Egyptian businessmen who share his worldview, and together they donated significant funds to the organizers of "the revolution of June 30th." The purpose behind it, they say, is to support the demonstration's broad extent, and to encourage more people to join the cause of overthrowing the government led by the Muslim Brotherhood's Morsi.

Hussein Salem (80) is an Egyptian-Spanish businessman. He is one of the owners of the East Mediterranean Gas company (EMG) as well as the CEO of HKS Group, which controls many resorts in Sharm el-Sheikh area. He is considered to be in former president Hosni Mubarak's most intimate circle of associates. He was also linked to Mubarak's corruption affairs at the expense of the Egyptian public.

Salem's businesses were severely damaged by the fall of Mubarak's regime, in part due to the damage caused to his image. Salem, who held 28% of EMG since June 2008, was accused of selling gas to Israel at a price significantly lower than the market price at the time, of taking bribes and stealing millions of dollars from public funds. Following these allegations, Salem and his family fled Cairo and later settled in Spain. Although Salem's trial opened in Egypt in August 2011, the Spanish authorities still refuse to extradite him and bring him to justice.

Now Salem chooses to blatantly intervene in the country's current delicate political climate to further his own personal interests. According to estimates, after Salem's efforts to reach an agreement with the current government regarding to his debt settlement had foundered, he started promoting political candidates that could overthrow the Muslim Brotherhood.

A trusted source has recently contacted our organization, and provided unequivocal information for the monetary donation given by Salem, along with other senior Egyptian businessmen, for the organizers of the "June 30th" demonstration. Their contribution will try to balance the field, given the demonstration of support in the current government, "the rally of one million", planned by the Muslim Brotherhood party to take place on June 21st.

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