The Original Clear Bra

The Original Clear Bra Offers Auto Window Tints with High Heat Rejection and No Signal Interference


Salt Lake City, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/14/2013 -- ClearBra®, a company that has been providing paint protection films for over 16 years, is offering automotive window tints that have both high heat rejection and do not interfere with radio and satellite signals.

The signal interference due to window tinting has become a common concern and the Original ClearBra® provides the solution by applying only high quality 3M color stable window tints. By using top-notch protection films only, the company has become one of the leaders to provide automotive window tint Salt Lake City, Utah.

When The Original Clear Bra initially started to provide their paint protection films and custom installed them on any type of vehicle, they were one of the pioneers of this very useful accessory. The ClearBra® not only preserved the car’s appearance for a longer duration but also saved substantial costs by eliminating the trips to the body shop for touch ups and scratch removals. The resale value of the vehicles also improved since the car looked almost brand new even after years of usage.

With increasing demand they became a leading provider in paint protection film Salt Lake City, Utah. Their product has now been imitated by many other companies. However the original ClearBra® still offers the highest quality which is evident from their extensive years of operation in the automobile industry.

The company recently introduced their Stealth Film. A paint protection film which is more focused on matte finished vehicles. The Stealth Film can also be used to simply enhance the appearance of a car, regardless of its paint job.

Specific details of the ClearBra® paint protection films and automotive window tint services are available on the company’s official website. List of authorized dealers and custom installation facilities of ClearBra® can also be viewed on the site.

About The Original Clear Bra
The Original Clear Bra is one of the leading companies that provides and installs paint protection films for various vehicles. The company has been providing its high quality paint protection films for over 16 years and is now one of the most preferred brands amongst car owners and local auto body shops in Utah. Through the online platform,, further details of the types of paint protection films offered by the company can be viewed and their special do-it-yourself kit can be ordered.

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