The OutBooster Review Enters Next Phase, New Advancements


Panama City, Panama -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/25/2013 -- Since the idea was successfully funded by multiple technology shark investors and crowdsourcing platforms, the new OutBooster device has found its time in the spotlight amazing with the launch of their Internet Speed Booster for those who suffer from slow Internet service at their homes or office.

Now with thousands of happy customers and the launch of a successful Internet connection speed test from the company's sister site,, OutBooster has become a self-sustained and growing solution with the potential to serve millions of users across the United States and other regions of the world.

With hundreds of new Internet users coming online daily, the online world is growing rapidly. However with that new growth comes an entire range of new problems associated with it. The largest being slow connection speeds in outlining and rural areas where most Internet Service Providers and high speed Internet service fail to reach adequately or even at all.

The solution pioneered to combat this problem and provide an easy to use solution that also works anywhere came in the form of the OutBooster device. Invented by tech mastermind Corbin Lenoir, OutBooster is reaching new levels as more people become aware such a product actually exists to help speed up online service.

Even users who have normal Internet speed and happy with their current level of service are picking up an OutBooster to install on their home or office wireless routers to gain a competitive advantage over others in the neighborhoods.

OutBooster has now shipped to nearly every country in the world as the new device is catching on quickly with the word of mouth reviews people are chatting about on Twitter and Facebook. "We knew it wouldn't take long for OutBooster to get popular once people found out about it" said Lenoir when interviewed at Tech Summit 2013 last month.

"Hundreds of people are discovering OutBooster each week as more customers catch on and are talking about this speed booster, our growth has been incredible and we are extremely happy to provide a needed and sought after product that actually helps people." he concluded.

To see more on this OutBooster review or pick up your own for personal or business use, visit and take the virtual tour along with more information about this award-winning Internet speed booster.