The Owners of American Corporate Services, Inc. (ACS) and Form New EB-5 Joint Venture Project for US Based Development Projects

Understanding the continuing need for procuring low-cost funds plays for the development of hotels, restaurants, assisted living and the like across the U.S., the President of ACS, Dr. Gregory Finkelson, and Managing Director of, Michael Gibson, have decided to join together to form the EB-5 Joint Venture project.


Tampa, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/07/2014 -- The downward spiralling of the economy created a massive financial gap over the past five years which can bridged by use of the increasingly popular EB-5 program. EB-5 has become especially popular for many small businesses because of its availability for supplemental financing. Businesses that run on a smaller scale, e.g., hotels, restaurants, and assisted living facilities, are learning that the EB-5 program represents a largely unexpected funding opportunity. It is a proven fact that EB-5 capital can be acquired far more easily than traditional bank loans and financing. But the ease of obtaining capital is not the only benefit. EB-5 financing is available at very low interest rates, making it highly favourable for small businesses.

American Corporate Services, Inc., headed by Gregory Finkelson, and, led by Managing Director Michael Gibson, have joined together for the EB-5 Joint Venture to enable Chinese EB-5 visa applicants to invest in USA development projects. performs thorough background checks and due diligence to determine the likelihood the investment will generate successful results for every EB-5 offering that is requested and to ensure that the client meets all of the USCIS requirements.

American Corporate Services, Inc. act as the bridge that connects U.S. projects with Chinese investors. The client package designed by Dr. Finkelson ensures that the extremely difficult translation from English to Mandarin is accurate, so that all marketing collateral presented to investors is expressed precisely as conceived by the client himself.

About The EB-5 Joint Venture Program
The EB-5 Joint Venture program is a collaboration of two of the greatest minds in the business world – Dr. Gregory Finkelson and Michael Gibson – and provides funding opportunities for small-scale business owners to develop and expand their businesses.

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