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The Ozone Business Conference Will Be Held in St. Louis, MO on September 17


St. Louis, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/21/2013 -- The Ozone Business Conference will be held in St. Louis, MO on September 17th. Anyone in the ozone business or thinking about the ozone business travel to this event to learn more about the ozone business and how to grow their success. There are no paid speakers for the ozone business conference. Instead, ozone entrepreneurs will be hearing from those who have proven their abilities in the ozone business.

The event is sponsored by the National Ozone Association (, and it is open to those who want to know more about the ozone service industry. Currently, hundreds of ozone businesses have opened across the United States and Canada, and more are expected.

Mark Tipton, director of NOAI, believes this is the type of event that will help many discover a new and effective business that nearly anyone can do with some basic training. “The starting point for many is the Certified Ozone Technician course.” Mark explains, “But, the Ozone Business Conference is something very dynamic. Meeting and hearing from average people like me and you who have already succeeded is powerful.”

For those who may not know, ozone is another form of oxygen. Instead of the normal O2 that we breathe, ozone is O3 or three oxygen atoms that are created by an ozone generator. Because it has a lifespan of about 20 minutes, it cannot be bottled. It can only be delivered on site by ozone generators.

The service is primarily odor removal. Ozone is excellent for remove some of the most troublesome odors in homes or workplace. It is also nature’s extraordinary sanitizer killing bacteria, germs, and fungi without chemicals. When injected into water, it is 3000 more effective than chlorine products. Therefore, there are dozens of ozone applications that need the assistance of trained professionals.

Ozone is created in nature by lightning storms and sunlight intersecting with oxygen in our atmosphere. Therefore, according to Mr. Tipton, this is a Green and sustainable business that does not deplete any resource and leaves no residue. In the face of a chemically-threatened world, ozone is an extraordinary concept that is terribly underused.

Those wishing to find a startup business concept with low entry cost, modest training requirements, and nearly unlimited opportunity need to give the ozone business a close review. Innovations in ozone generators have made ozone generators portable and affordable, however, new ozone business startups are warned to avoid over-promoted equipment that does not have the NOAI Approved seal.

The Ozone Business Conference is a once a year event that is geared toward those wishing to start an ozone business the right way. Too often, new ozone startups have been left to figure out the business in a hit and miss fashion. The National Ozone Association is dedicated to building a respected, professional industry of ozone service providers capable of addresses the growing needs of the market.

Ozone businesses from more than twenty states and from provinces in Canada will be attending the Ozone Business Conference. Others considering the ozone business should take the time to learn about this powerful business concept by hearing from the best in the business.

About The National Ozone Association
The National Ozone Association is a professional network of service providers in the United States and Canada delivering a variety of services that solve odor, sanitizing, cleaning, and mold problems in their community.

Mark Tipton, Director of NOAI