The Pachyderm Group Seeks Investors for the Clean Sole - First of Its Kind Multi-Function Shoe Cleaner


Roseville, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2013 -- Southern California based The Pachyderm Group has announced they will be launching an innovative and game changing new product into the shoe accessory market. The product is The Clean Sole, a first of its kind compact multi-tool that cleans the soles of your shoes. The Clean Sole is a product that will appeal to the entire spectrum of shoe wearers. The four components are capable of cleaning any type of sole available on the market today. Gone are the days when one has to remove shoes before entering their home in fear of dirtying carpets or damaging wood floors. The Clean Sole's components are able to remove stones, pebbles, mud, snow, chewing gum and any other type of dirt and debris that collects on the surface of your soles. To learn more about The Clean Sole, visit:

The Pachyderm Group is currently seeking to raise funds for its initial production run. The company has in place a manufacturing facility, distribution channel and working on a publicity campaign. The company needs to raise $12,000 in order to cover the manufacturing costs of the first production run which will allow The Pachyderm Group to introduce The Clean Sole to the United States market. Contributors to the campaign will be the first in the world to receive a Clean Sole as a thank you for their contribution. To help fund The Clean Sole, please visit:

About The Pachyderm Group
The Pachyderm Group has been in business for three years, with a primary focus on online retail sales including their own patented intellectual property being sold on Amazon, eBay, Kindle and Google Play. The Clean Sole will mark a new milestone for the company, as it will be the first time The Pachyderm Group will introduce a completely new and original product into the marketplace.

Media Contact
Kip Livingston
Roseville, CA