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The Page of Fame Goes Live; Student Creates Online Walk of Fame


Kampen, Netherlands -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/28/2014 -- has been set up as the online version of the coveted Hollywood Walk of Fame which is the brain child of Ricardo Reezigt, a college student studying “Interactive Media Design" at the Deltion College in Zwolle, Netherlands. His newly developed website will allow individuals, websites, start-ups, blogs or businesses to place themselves the starts and put their name on a one of a find online red carpet. Each star on this online walk of fame will hold the chosen logo or image of the owner of the star, Ricardo explains:

“The intention and idea of The Page of Fame project is to create an online / internet version of the Walk of Fame. Just like the real one, you can place your own star that shines on a beautiful red carpet! The real Walk of Fame has a bit more than 2500 stars; whereas The Page of Fame has an exclusive limited number of 2500 stars.”

Acquiring a star on the Page of Fame is a simple three step process,

Buyers must first upload their desired image to see if its fits the star. The image must be unanimated, must be a square and minimal size of 220 x 220 pixels 72 dpi. The website states that the uploaded image must be in GIF, JPEG, PNG format, or other any reasonable file size

After uploading the image and ensuring that the fit is right, buyers will have to fill a short online ordering form in which buyers will verify the Star name and the suggested position of the star.

After filling in the form with appropriate details the next will be the checkout where the buyers will be required to pay with PayPal for their star.

Each star cost $50 and will appear twice on the website. First on the homepage and the second time on the red carpet version of the Page of Fame. Ricardo states on the website:

“Everyone is welcome to place and buy a star. Each star only costs $50, actually you get two stars. You’ll receive one on the "homepage" and the other on the "red carpet" (see the buttons in the top right corner of the page). So, your star is visible twice!”

He further explains that each star will also hold a click through link to the website of the star owner too, making it a great marketing tool.

About Ricardo Reezigt
Ricardo Reezigt the creator of is a 28 years old currently living in a small town called Kampen in the Netherlands. Last year Ricardo started his higher studies in "Interactive Media Design" at the Deltion College in Zwolle. Learn more at:

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