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The Parent Journey Guides Parents Through the Challenges of Raising Children Today


Milwaukee, WI -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/15/2012 -- According to the Parent Coaching Institute, the goal of parent coaching services is to energize, inspire and assist parents, working with them to achieve new levels of fulfillment within the family and increased enjoyment when parenting. This allows parents to meet the developmental needs of the children in ways that are both appropriate and timely. The positive will be amplified leaving children feeling valued and appreciated.

"Parents feel overwhelmed. External pressures significantly affect family life, often in negative ways. As a result, parents wonder if they are making the right decisions for their children. When this is the case, parent coaching can be of assistance," Lisa Reinhardt of The Parent Journey states. "With the help of a coach, parents can be confident with the choices they are making. Family life slows down and all members are happier and feel more connected to each other."

Ms. Reinhardt continues, "Of all the people children come into contact with, their parents have the most impact on their life. This can be of concern at times as a parent wonders if what he or she is doing is right for the child. In my role as a parent coach, I support the parents during these trying times," Ms. Reinhardt states. "We will work together to ensure your children reach their maximum potential in terms of their cognitive, emotional and social development."

A recent article in the New York Times states society has decided that it's not cost effective to modify a child's environment if problems arise so the child must be modified. The article goes on to say that stimulants are no longer being used to treat ADHD necessarily, but rather to boost academic performance. "No parent wants to give their child prescription stimulants when there is no underlying medical condition," Ms. Reinhardt declares. "With parent coaching, many more options become available. My role is to help parents modify the environment, not just at home, but the digital/media environment also. When the environmental modifications have been made, parents find that children improve in all areas of life. If you need assistance with any area of parenting, let's sit down and discuss the situation to make parenting easier for all involved."

Ms. Reinhardt goes on to say, "To assist parents on the journey of raising children, individual, couple and group sessions are offered. Workshops may also be held at a school or organization to reach more in a short period of time. A parent's time is limited and The Parent Journey doesn't want to overlook anyone who may benefit from our services."

About The Parent Journey
Lisa Reinhardt, founder of The Parent Journey, is a mom above all else. Upon the birth of her second child, she chose to say home and raise her children. Ms. Reinhardt wanted to continue supporting children other than her own and opted to become a parent coach. In this role, Ms. Reinhardt works to help parents reconnect with their hopes and dreams as well as their children. She is a PCI Certified Parent Coach® and holds a Masters in Education with an emphasis in Montessori Education, an Elementary (6y-12y) Diploma in Montessori Education, a Primary (3y-6y) Diploma in Montessori Education and a B.S. in Sociology. Ms. Reinhardt is also an independent facilitator of Love and Logic® curricula.