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The Pawn Business E-Book Sheds Light on Pawn Industry


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/23/2014 -- Author Michael Harry’s,  The Pawn Business , offers readers some unique insight into the pawn industry. In his e-book, Michael has created a comprehensive background on the pawn industry itself and explored the advancements which have had a long term impact on the industry. While he has also dispelled some long standing myths that once hung like a dark cloud over the industry.

Also explored in this book are the people who own and operate the pawn shops you see. Gone are the days where people believe pawn shop owners wear dirty t-shirts and torn blue jeans. Michael offers insight to the new professional team that dress in khaki’s and polo shirts and provide quality customer service from the start of the pawn transaction onward.

“As a business owner for the last 12 years, I have paid close attention to the industry and the changes and challenges it faces. I felt it was important to put that information out there, so others can benefit from my firsthand knowledge in the book The Pawn Business as well as the follow up title Shopping Resale 24/7.” Mr. Harry offers.

Not a stranger to the industry himself, Michael also runs the industry website . On the website, he touches on information that is critical to those who are looking to start in the pawn industry, in addition to providing information to those who want to ensure that they are getting a great deal. This site touches on gold, diamonds and other items that are commonly found in pawn shops.

This quintessential collection that explores the pawn industry is an essential tool for customers and owners alike. From the detailed background information to the insight of the current state of the pawn industry will make this an invaluable read for anyone.  Making it one of the best investments anyone can make in 2014.

In the upcoming months, Michael Harry plants to unveil his new supernatural series, Pawn Dynasty, which explores the lineage of a family that works in the pawn industry, available exclusively as a Kindle Single titles. Of course, this isn’t his first dabble in the realm of fiction, his mystery; An Angel Among Pawns was released in 2013.

About Michael Harry
Michael Harry is an entrepreneur in the pawn industry and author of three book. He also manages industry website , has produced several industry videos and is the host of an online radio series.  For further information, please visit

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