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The PCB Industry in China Has Grown to Become the Largest in the World


Zhejiang, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/16/2013 -- China mainland has already become the global PCB production center. According to the information of industry sources which website is, the value of output for PCB board in China mainland has already accounted for 42.7 percent in 2012's global PCB output value which is 59.79 billion U.S. dollars. The multi-layers PCB board has still been the bulk of the PCB production and then the double panel has followed it. The PCB manufacturers in China and manufacturers for PCB fabrication China are mainly the small and medium scale enterprise. However, only one vendor has already entered into the world's top 20. On the other hand, there are 23 manufacturers in China has become hundred large global manufacturers.

Some insiders from website have said that the China mainland suppliers for PCB board could already supply the CSP, PBGA, and other packages required for the carrier board although the global market for IC has still dominated by Taiwan, Japan and Korea manufacturers. On the other hand, most of manufacturers for PCB fabrication China have already sold their products to many other countries.

In addition, most of land plants for PCB board has still been subjected to environmental emissions, production scale, market and other factors. In each producing environmental control area, the area of the factory may be less than the allowable amount of 6,000,000 feet which can only accommodate three of these manufacturers. This kind of situation has led to the difficulty of the layout of raw materials plant at upstream.

However, the industry insiders have believed that the low-priced electronics products would be PCB prototype China spread from China to other countries¡¯ emerging market even developed countries' markets. The high- priced and single- model strategy has become past tense. For example, many China mobile phone brands have gradually occupied the global market share of the smart phone. The support of the manufacturer of PCB fabrication China could not be ignored.

As the industry of Taiwan's PCB industry at this year, the expert from IEK has said that electronic products such as PC will show a declining trend at this year and the smart phones and tablets would enter into the low price stage. These factors would eventually affect the performance of the upstream PCB industry. It has been predicted that the Taiwan's PCB industry's output will decline 3.06 percent. On the other hand, the annual output volume will be fallen to 4,996 billion NT$.

The industry for PCB fabrication China would have great increasing in the near future. However, this would be PCB manufacturer China a good opportunity for most of China¡¯s PCB manufacturer.