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The Pelagius Game: Compelling New Fiction Series Fuses Secret Religion & Biblical Events with Bold New Fantasy World.

Written by R. J. Jerome, ‘The Pelagius Game’ marks a powerful new chapter in the world of fantasy fiction. The series’ first volume, ‘Valstain’, introduces readers to a magical realm between Heaven and Earth. Offering such a vivid literary adventure, the series is poised to resonate with readers around the world.


Levittown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/24/2013 -- For generations, fantasy has been a staple of the literary landscape. With fans crying out for new worlds to explore, Pennsylvania’s Russ Jerome is delighted to announce his new book with gusto.

‘The Pelagius Game’ uniquely fuses biblical mystery with all that is great about fantasy. ‘Valstain’ serves as the perfect introduction to the series as readers young and old are offered an opportunity to whisk off to a world unlike any they have ever read about before.


Through The Pelagius Game series, R.J. Jerome introduces the reader to Valstain, the magical realm between Heaven and Earth.

Valstain follows the life of Timothy Anderson as he reveals his haunted past to Father Michael Olshefski, the new headmaster of The Pelagius Order. The Order’s seminary is the training ground of a secret religious society whose job is to find and prepare gifted warriors to fight evil.

But someone on the inside has a different idea.

Now, Tim must expose the true wicked desires of the Order’s leaders to the kidnapped priest. He needs this man’s trust and permission to enter the Holy ground so he may once more venture into Valstain and claim his revenge on those who betrayed him. However, Tim knows mere words will not convince the priest—only tasting the memories locked inside his magical blood will.

It is said once a man has entered Valstain, and experienced the horror within, he is never the same again—that is exactly what the forces of evil are depending on. The Pelagius Game has begun, and the journey into Valstain is only the beginning.

Valstain is a must read for anyone interested in fantasy adventures with plenty of sword fights, vibrant characters, and intricate plot twists.

As the author explains, his book’s setting plays host to a diverse range of happenings and experiences.

“Valstain is unique because it blends Earthly mysteries like secret religious societies and biblical events with a fantasy world where one can be seen battling giant spiders or the undead with magical weapons and super natural abilities, like strength, speed, ability to manipulate the weather or fire,” says Jerome.

Continuing, “I spend most of my free time researching religion. I once attended a class in Catholicism where I saw two priests whispering. This spawned the idea for ‘The Pelagius Game’ and I spent the next four years constructing narratives for four books.”

With much of writing based on diligently-researched fact, it comes as no surprise that the series’ title carries much significance to the real world.

“I remembered stumbling across Pelagianism, a theological theory named after the British monk, Pelagius. Pelagius practiced first to demonstrate the power and quality of human nature and to show what it is capable of achieving. With this in mind, I constructed the idea of a competition between God and Satan. Want to know more? Buy the book!” Jerome adds.

With such a powerful initial offering and many more volumes to come, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies of the series’ first book as soon as possible.

‘The Pelagius Game: Book 1 Valstain’, published by eTreasures Publishing, is available now: http://bit.ly/1dDl45e.

About R.J. Jerome
R.J. Jerome grew up in historic Bristol, Pennsylvania, where his love of art, music, and fantasy novels was born.

After graduation, Russ left America for 6 months, and traveled to England. It was there that he saw the Gloucester Cathedral. The massive, gothic architecture fueled his interest in spirituality.

Usually religious art or stories inspire Russell's work, but on occasion, you will find him fumbling through a page of one of R.A. Salvatore's epic fantasy novels.

In 2000, Russ married his wife Jennifer, who gave birth to their son Russell in 2004 and their daughter Tessa in 2007. When not busy researching religions, you can find Russell drinking, rating, or talking about well-crafted beers and Absinthes.