The Penny Stock Guide Offers Helpful Guidelines for Successful Penny Stock Investors

The Penny Stocks Guide is a leading newsletter that teaches the basics of penny stock trading and offers helpful guidelines for successful trading. The renowned online newsletter publishes resourceful tips and advice for penny stock trading.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/13/2012 -- The online newsletter will now be available for investors and include a refined list of the best penny stocks available in the market. Recent editions of the newsletter are available to new subscribers with a 14 day free trial, making it the best option for amateur investors to review its content and read the helpful research information given in the newsletter.

All the recommended hot penny stocks mentioned in the newsletter pass the rigorous 29-point Leeds' analysis, the carefully constructed method for making penny stock calls that Peter Leeds perfected over many years.

The newsletter's list of penny stocks continually presents profit-making opportunities. Many result in significant gains and exciting price fluctuations that can expand investor's profit many times over.

When subscribing to the informative newsletter by Peter Leeds, investors will not need to spend their hard earned money on the advice of those penny stock brokers who are usually loyal to the companies that pay their commission. Peter Leeds does not receive any compensation based on the stocks he recommends.

Education is a key component for novice penny stock investors. Penny stocks are shares that are purchased for a fraction of a dollar up to $5. They are riskier than average investments but have potential for above average gains. These stocks are traded by professionals as well as novices. They do not require a big cash investment to get started and investors can own a piece of a good company without spending a large percentage of their cash.

Today investors are quickly learning that these stocks represent small companies across America that are great and are yet to grow or to be discovered. The upside of penny stocks is the ability to turn a small investment into a fortune. The disadvantage is the risk, volatility of shares and the lack of corporate transparency.

Penny stocks trading has become very popular in recent years. While trading in penny stocks, investors should keep a very close eye on the overall stock market. This is mainly because penny stocks move very fast and a small change in price may bring a large change in percentage of gain or loss. With the right information and guidance, investors can make great profits in this market.

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