The Penny Stocks Guide Describes What Defines the Best Penny Stocks and Which Ones to Buy

Peter Leeds has made a successful career out of finding the best penny stocks and now with his newsletter.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/22/2012 -- The Penny Stocks Guide is a penny stock newsletter that is exclusively available at The website teaches the basic principles of penny stock trading, led by renown industry expert Peter Leeds. Peter and his team shows what attributes make the best penny stocks and how investing in them could lead to large profits.

Peter Leeds’ penny stock newsletter can help individual investors purchase a wide variety of penny stocks that will growth their portfolio as well as reduce their risk. Each penny stock pick has passed the Leeds analysis and is much more likely to multiply in value in the short term for a quick profit.

To understand what makes the best penny stocks, look for those shares that pass the Leeds analysis. Specifically, companies that have proven management teams, growing market share, strong financial results, and solid fundamentals are some key signals. Under the guidance of Peter Leeds, their penny stock team discovers those top penny stocks that they believe are about to explode in price. They start with only a small investment but later can double or triple in value and lead to major gains in overall portfolio.

There are a lot of penny stocks that are not only questionable but are actually downright terrible. Their business plan is cursory; they are burning cash like crazy and have nothing to show for it. In fact, they may sink in price, if not drop to zero, in short order. While may be only 1% of free information about penny stocks is trustworthy and helpful, the other 99% has hidden motivations and actively works to mislead investors to buy their penny stocks of questionable quality.

Peter Leeds offers a free 14 day trial that gives access to everything investors need to get started. Each day the newsletter reveals new top rated penny stocks to buy. With the help of this free trial novice investors will benefit from the Quick Start Package, the Discount Broker Rankings, individual picks of which penny stocks to buy and much more. Finding the top penny stock is not easy, that is why Peter’s team is here to provide investment advice.

Peter Leeds has made a successful career out of finding the best penny stocks and now with his newsletter, he reveals those best penny stocks to anyone who is interested. Leading the industry for over 12 years, Peter Leeds is one of the most trusted financial advisors in North America. To learn more, please visit

Penny Stock analyst suggests about Profits Come With Patience in This Market Peter Leeds suggested all changes to do, so that everyone can meet Penny Stock Brokers and suggest better for financial purpose.