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The Perfect Method Athletic Training Program Helps Athletes Learn How to Run Faster

Running Inspiration For Competitive And Casual Runners Who Want To Run Faster


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2017 -- For coaches, parents, competitive athletes and casual runners there is a comprehensive program designed specifically to focus on running faster. A system with practical tools to measure progress blending the latest scientific findings with advice from esteemed coaches and Carl Lewis, the most decorated track and field champion in history. This is The Perfect Method.

Learning the anatomy of the perfect run enables runners of all ages and abilities to reach their full potential and exercise with confidence. As a parent looking to guide a child on their personal running journey, The Perfect Method provides an approachable and fun program whilst giving a parent the confidence in being able to answer any questions which arise. For coaches, adopting the proven step-by-step method can simplify coaching techniques, so freeing up time which can be spent collaborating with the athletes. Whilst the tools are provided, each athlete on the program knows that training is hard work and success demands commitment and discipline. Mental strength is important for any runner so this is an integral part of The Perfect Method. The goal is to practice and improve, then let the times show that improvement on the track. Being able to perform at exactly the right time takes confidence and focus. Upon subscribing to The Perfect Method, members receive a running program including an elite curriculum, video presentations, step-by-step guidance and instruction from Carl Lewis and The Perfect Method team of experts, access to webinars and events. Semi-annual and yearly packages are available.

About The Perfect Method
The Perfect Method acts an online running coach and track and field trainer in providing a step-by-step program designed to help runners run faster. It is designed for parents, coaches, competitive runners and casual runners. It offers coaching techniques designed with the wisdom of a champion, the most decorated track and field champion in history, Carl Lewis. Through videos, guidance, instruction, webinars and events, the program brings all aspects of physical readiness, technical skills, and the mental edge together to help runners achieve their personal best and avoid injury. Subscription is monthly with semi-annual and yearly packages available.

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