The Perfect Method

The Perfect Method by Carl Lewis Helps Athletes Learn to Run Faster

A step-by-step program to help competitive athletes and casual runners run faster


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/18/2017 -- For athletes of every ability, running faster is a common goal. The Perfect Method by Carl Lewis acts as an online running coach tackling all aspects of being a better runner, from physical readiness to the necessary technical skills, to the mental edge that takes an athlete from being a good runner to a true competitor. Before starting the program it is suggested that a baseline performance is taken. This makes progress easier to track.

Membership unlocks an elite curriculum with workouts, sprinting tips, articles on nutrition and staying healthy whilst training, videos, in-depth looks at long distance running form, and much more. New material is added frequently.

One of the tools within The Perfect Method is the AME, the Athlete's Mental Edge assessment. The AME feedback to athletes is broken down into four key characteristics: focus, discipline, leadership, and confidence. Clearly, these skills are critical in everyday life. Working on improvement in each of these areas of the Mental Edge can help throughout school, in daily interactions, and into the future professional lives. Runners are learning the vital skills required for competitive running on the track, being able to block out distractions and truly focus on getting to the line as fast as possible, believing in the training and repeating the methods and techniques which have been practiced so often. Running faster is a process and it can be taught, The Perfect Method is a proven and measurable way for runners to achieve their goals.

About The Perfect Method by Carl Lewis
The Perfect Method acts as an online running coach and athletic trainer in providing a step-by-step program designed to help runners run faster. It is designed for parents, coaches, competitive runners and casual runners. It offers coaching techniques designed with the wisdom of a champion, the most decorated track and field champion in history, Carl Lewis.

Through videos, guidance, instruction, webinars, and events, the program brings all aspects of physical readiness, technical skills, and the mental edge together to help runners achieve their personal best and avoid injury. Subscription is monthly with semi-annual and yearly packages available.

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