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The Perfect Method Membership Delivers an Elite Curriculum of Sprint Drills, Conditioning, Physical Training and the Mental Edge to Run Faster

When Runners Are Looking To Take Their Performance To The Next Level, The Perfect Method Program Acts As On Online Running Coach


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/19/2017 -- "How to run faster?" initially looks like a simple question, however, there are many facets to understand in answering the question. Who is asking? A coach, parent, competitive athlete or a jogger who likes to run and is interested in entering their first 5K race. Maybe a long distance runner who is looking how to train for a marathon. Or a competitive 200m sprinter looking for new sprinting tips. With so many variables it can be hard to find resources to help. The Perfect Method has been designed with the wisdom of a champion, Carl Lewis is the most decorated track and field athlete in history. His insights, together with the guidance from a team of experts, form the backbone of an online coaching program designed for runners of all abilities and all ages. Membership unlocks an elite curriculum of videos, webinars and exclusive content giving runners of all levels the tools to measure their progress and aim for new personal best times.

Vitally important to the success of any training program is the accessibility and ease of understanding. The Perfect Method is comprehensive and yet approachable, detailed without being overly complicated. When runners want to take the next step and learn the anatomy of their own perfect run, guidance embraces a holistic approach as the running technique would be compromised without sensible nutrition choices, and learning to channel a competitive mental edge in a race environment helps to convert personal bests in practice to a medal in the competitive arena.

About The Perfect Method
The Perfect Method acts as an online running coach and athletic trainer in providing a step-by-step program designed to help runners run faster. It is designed for parents, coaches, competitive runners and casual runners. It offers coaching techniques designed with the wisdom of a champion, the most decorated track and field champion in history, Carl Lewis.

Through videos, guidance, instruction, webinars, and events, the program brings all aspects of physical readiness, technical skills, and the mental edge together to help runners achieve their personal best and avoid injury. Subscription is monthly with semi-annual and yearly packages available.

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