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The Peter Ferrandino Group Gets Properties Ready for Spring with Winter Rejuvenation Pruning


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/16/2017 -- Property owners who are looking to cut down shrubs and hedges without destroying the structural integrity of the plant are encouraged to contact the Peter Ferrandino Group today to inquire about the benefits of winter rejuvenation pruning.

Since shrubbery goes into hibernation mode during the cooler winter months, winter rejuvenation pruning allows landscape maintenance companies in Richardson, TX to cut down and shape an unruly shrub while not removing it entirely. The result is a fresh shrub that grows healthy, new branches come springtime.

Though bushes and hedges can enhance the look and feel of nearly any property, they can sometimes become too large and unruly, encroaching on the space of other plants or nearby buildings. Instead of removing the plant completely, winter rejuvenation pruning can help cut it down for the season, allowing it to sprout anew come spring. This allows property owners to maintain the aesthetics of the shrubbery while also keeping the plant and those around it healthy.

The Peter Ferrandino Group encourages property owners to schedule their rejuvenation pruning services now prior to the start of winter, as this is the time in which plants go into hibernation mode and are more likely to respond to pruning positively.

Interested parties who want to learn more about winter rejuvenation and their landscape maintenance service in Mesa, AZ are encouraged to contact the Peter Ferrandino Group by calling 877-847-4030 or visiting online at

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