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The Philly Legal Eagles, Rizio, Hamilton & Kane, P.C. Now Representing Auto Accident Victims This Winter


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/20/2014 -- The Philly Legal Eagles, Rizio, Hamilton & Kane, P.C. is pleased to announce they are now representing auto accident victims this winter. By hiring a Philadelphia auto accident lawyer, accident victims can ensure their rights are protected and can begin to recoup money or damages that they are due from the accident. For nearly 40 years, Rizio, Hamilton & Kane, P.C. has been representing victims of car accidents and truck accidents in Philadelphia and the surrounding parts of PA and NJ.

An auto accident is a serious event that can lead to a severe injury, or in some cases, death. An auto accident lawyer from Rizio, Hamilton & Kane, P.C. will work hard to settle or litigate auto accident cases for the maximum amount possible. If a striking motorist is uninsured, or underinsured, an RH&K Philadelphia car accident attorney will zealously advocate for the victim to the fullest extent of the law. RH&K attorneys are highly knowledgeable in uninsured and underinsured motorist rights.

There is no need to wait after being involved in an auto accident. To relieve stress, and begin a plan of action for recouping damages, individuals should call Rizio, Hamilton & Kane, P.C. immediately after being involved in an automobile accident. Accident victims will have a better chance of winning their case and recouping damages if they have Rizio, Hamilton & Kane by their side, a firm that understands how to handle complex cases.

Rizio, Hamilton & Kane, P.C. offers free consultation calls for victims who have been involved in an automobile accident. To contact the law firm, please call 855-U-CAN-SUE.

About Rizio, Hamilton & Kane, P.C.
Since 1978, Rizio, Hamilton & Kane, P.C. has been serving the Pennsylvania and New Jersey areas. One of RH&K’s founders could be considered an original Philadelphia auto accident attorney. Since then, RH&K’s practice has grown. As injury lawyers in the Philadelphia area, the attorneys at Rizio, Hamilton & Kane, P.C. are always available to speak to their clients and promptly return phone calls if they are away from their desks. The Philadelphia lawyers of Rizio, Hamilton & Kane know that when one is in need of an accident attorney in Philadelphia, that person desires and deserves the personalized attention that Rizio, Hamilton & Kane, P.C. can provide.

To receive personalized attention and a free consultation, call the firm at 855-U-CAN-SUE or visit http://www.rizio-hamilton.com.