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The Pishing Birder Releases World's First Pishing Song & Ringtone: "Jingle Bells for Birders"


Sarasota, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/09/2015 -- Cathy Comora, was with her family last Christmas season celebrating at Oscar Scherer Park in Sarasota, FL. "My father is an avid birder, and was taking us to see the Florida Scrub Jays. He was calling in the birds by 'pishing,' which is the act of attracting birds by making a very specific noise. The technique, used by birders and ornothologists, sounds like, 'Pssshhh, Pssshhh.'

"That's when I had the idea of pishing to music. I began pishing to the song, 'Jingle Bells.' Everyone laughed, and several people joined in. I told my family I was going to release some pishing songs in time for Christmas next season."

Now, one year later, Comora has recorded, and released pishing versions of Jingle Bells for Birders, Auld Lang Syne for Birders, and Happy Birthday for Birders.

The songs, and a ringtone, are available for sale at:

Comora, (a.k.a. "The Pishing Birder"), hopes her whimsical pishing songs will become a part of every birder's, and aspiring birder's, celebratory traditions!

Cathy Comora
The Pishing Birder
Sarasota, Florida, USA