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Tullamarine, VIC -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/03/2014 -- Melbourne, 03/11/2014 – Die-hard fans of the Twilight Zone series can now take home their favourite characters from the series as action figures at a whopping 20% discount. The characters maintain authenticity of design and include additions that traverse the decades both into the past and up until those introduced in the summer of 2014.

Just visit and enter the Twilight Zone!

Ever since the iconic opening lines ‘The place is here. The time is now’ travelled through the air waves and was broadcast on television over half a century ago, the Twilight Zone began hooking TV audiences and pulling them deeper and deeper into its world. Fifty years later, the series is still going strong with new plots and new characters riding the world in-between fantasy, science fiction and horror. While the show has undeniably impacted audiences all over the world, it has also gathered thousands of die-hard fans, whose passion for the series is only matched by their love for the action figures!

With the advent of comic con, what was initially thought of as nerdy, has now become more mainstream and new shows, titles, superheroes and characters are being brought out of the world of pulp and print into mega-budget blockbusters and action figures. This year’s Comic Con, held in Sand Diego, revealed 5 official Twilight Zone action figures. They include;

Bob Wilson: The William Shatner character who sees a gremlin sabotage a plane at 20,000 feet.
Gremlin: The one that Bow Wilson sees, in full colour.

The Invader: The six inch invaders from another (our?) world who are attacked by an old woman with a hatchet.

Kanamit the alien: A benevolent 9-foot alien who wants to have man for dessert!

Talky Tina: The Living Doll who talks like a human, loves like a human, and hates like a human!
Henry Beamis: Whose best laid plans to just sit alone and read are foiled forever.

All of these action figures are authentically made in the new 3 ¾ inches scale. The styling of the toys is realistic and the action figures all having moving parts. In fact some of the characters have some pretty cool accessories. Kanamit, for example, comes with two glow in the dark accessories to hold in his hands.

At a 20% discount, the Twilight Zone action figures are also limited edition. And so,
‘The place is here. The time is now. This is Cosmic Zone!’

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