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The Plant Group, Inc Now Lists over 2000 Varieties of Perennials in Their 2013 Catalog


Franklin, CT -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/29/2013 -- The Plant Group, Inc is now offering over 2000 varieties of perennial flowers which they have listed in their latest 2013 catalog. The company is one of the leading perennial flowers providers in the northeastern part of the country and has over 40 acres of land dedicated in growing various perennials enabling them to produce over 2 million flowers. The Plant Group is also dedicated in improving the aesthetic appearance of the city by offering their landscaping services.

The Plant Group, Inc informed that their team is always dedicated in finding new means of growing different perennials more effectively such that their beauty is enhanced. These consistent efforts have led them to provide additional perennials, some of them being exclusive. The Plant Group’s progressive greenhouses and use of advanced irrigation methods create ideal circumstances to grow perennial flowers and their 40 acres of land not only provide extensive production but also allow research on improved growing.

Perennials persistent quality to bloom season after season has led to its high demand in homes, gardens, parks, golf courses, recreational areas and in all areas where landscaping is required. Other types of flower plants – Annuals, which complete their life cycle in one season and then are completely dead and Biennials, which survive for only 2 seasons – require high maintenance and constant replacement. Perennial flowers are hence preferred, especially in locations where the aesthetic appearance is necessary and required for years.

The 2013 catalog by The Plant Group, Inc is available on their website, which lists all perennials offered by the company and also mentions the color of the flowers. Since the company is a wholesaler nursery, for consumers that are interested in their flowers the company suggests contacting a garden centre that offers their products. Delivering the perennials is another aspect of The Plant Group, Inc which they excel in. Details of delivery locations and charges are available on the website as well.

About The Plant Group, Inc
The Plant Group, Inc is one of the leading companies that provides over 2000 varieties of perennials. Primarily a wholesaler, based out of Franklin, CT the company delivers its perennials to neighboring states and beyond if required. Through their online platform,, details and list of perennials offered by The Plant Group can be viewed. The company is known for its state-of-the-art greenhouses and for its extensive experience in growing perennial flowers.

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