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The Playful Creators of TENZI Roll the Dice and Create Gold

Using quirky approachability and ingenious fun, a new dice game created by Kevin Carroll and Steve Mark brings the entrepreneurs a new level of success in remarkable time.


Greenwich, CT -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/21/2014 -- So what are the odds that two former advertising men from Connecticut could create a game that takes the marketplace by storm in record time? Possibly not as high as the ten million to one odds it takes to get a perfect roll on their dice game but still, pretty spectacular. Enjoying the success of their phenomenally simplistic, yet spectacularly entertaining, dice game named TENZI, creators Kevin Carroll and Steve Mark couldn’t be happier.

So here’s how the success story rolls. After creating two-dozen prototypes in October of 2010, the dynamic duo approached a local toy store. Carroll said of the monumental first sale, “Fortunately, we walked into the right store on the right day.” Mark adds, “It was Celeste Vanderlip, the store manager at HobbyTown in Fairfield, Connecticut that said, ‘If you can tell me how to play your game in less than 30 seconds, I might be interested.’ Thankfully, we pulled it off.” The rest, as they say, is history. That day HobbyTown bought all the TENZI prototypes and within minutes sold their first two games to a woman looking for an easy-to-learn party game.

Over the next two months Vanderlip sold more than 300 TENZI games and touted it as her fastest selling new game ever. From there Carroll and Mark built distribution in New England and then across the US. Today, just over three years later, TENZI has sold well over 500,000 games in the US and is growing fast.

Deciding not to sell out to a major toy company, but rather manufacture the game themselves, Carroll and Mark have taken what’s now lauded as “the world’s fastest game” to the marketplace and created a “TENZI Frenzy”. Providing good-natured fun by way of their laugh-a-minute approach, one could say the clever Carroll and Mark are to games what Ben & Jerry, in their early days, were to ice cream. “Our biggest challenge has been trying to avoid cheesy dice puns.” Mark says, setting up Carroll who deadpans, “We’re on a roll.” Need one say more?

Redefining family game night in the most charmingly low-tech way, TENZI players win or lose in a matter of seconds. The object of the speedy game is oh so simple: Players roll their 10 dice as fast as possible and quickly gather like numbers until all their dice are the same. The first one who finishes shouts “TENZI” and wins. Bringing even more fun to the game, Carroll and Mark have recently launched 77 Ways to Play TENZI, a set of cards with dozens of lively and silly twists on the game.

About Carma Games
Carma Games is based in Greenwich, Connecticut and was founded by Kevin Carroll and Steve Mark in 2010. Their flagship product is the TENZI dice game that, to date, enjoys record sales of over 500,000 games sold. Currently 4,000 specialty retailers nationwide carry the celebrated toy that garnered recognition as the 2013 Best Toy Award by Learning Express and received the accolade of Best Toys For Kids by ASTRA in 2012.

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Kevin Carroll
Executive “Dice” President, Carma Games