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The Poetry of Being Woman'- a Poetic Art Project

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London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/07/2012 -- Courageous Indian artist Arifa Khan anong the first to launch a project on - “The Poetry of Being Woman”. This is among the first projects launched in UK alongside the UK launch of Kickstarter on 31st october 2012. Arifa has successfully exhibited her paintings at The Nehru Centre, London hosted by the cultural wing of The High Commission of India in London. Arifa's artistic endeavours have received critical acclaim in UK and India. She has embarked on a mission to exhibit her work across the world and chronicle her creative journey in a book titled "The Poetry of Being Woman". You can see her work and learn more about the project on this link. ( ). The kickstarter project aims at amassing atleast GBP20000 to fund her exhibitions in Europe and to aid in the development and marketing of a social ecommerce portal for artists around the world - Art-lovers who wish to learn more about Arifa's work and artist biography can visit

Arifa Khan’s paintings have been influenced by several famous Indian personalities, such as MS Subbulakshmi, and MF Husain and she says her art is a tribute to myriad geniuses who inspired by. Her paintings of women are full of romance, joie de vivre, and open sensuality. She has a strong self-assured personality which comes through her paintings, rendered more vibrant by the underlying Indian influence in them (the influence is not surprising, since she was born in the south Indian village of Kadiri). The Indian influence in Arifa's paintings is evident in "Swayamvar", "Shakuntala in the garden of beauty", "Princess and the tales of a warrior" and "Pinnacle of Pulchritude". Her successfull international stint in finance marks her art with a sense of freedom, liberation and self-actualusation which are depicted in "Girl in Sunflower Field", "Oasis of Life", "Dance of Freedom" and "The Poetry of Being Woman". She also has a knack of capturing rich moments replete with emotion, the elegance of motion, and the complex dimensions of a woman's persona - as a seductress, as a nurturer, as an object of desire, and as a thing of ethereal beauty!

Arifa's latest project “The Poetry of Being Woman” is aimed at raising funds to promote her art and to launch a social ecommerce portal where artists will be able to market themselves and sell their art - see is a market-place where art- lovers can discover new artists, buy art, or commission work by artists around the world. People interested in helping her bring this project to life can pledge any amount of money (must be above 1 pound). Backers of the project would also get rewards of their choice based on the amount of money pledged - the rewards are personalized by Arifa Khan herself. Rewards include paintings, calendars for GBP8 each, themed t-shirts for GBP 20, scarves for GBP40 , customised haute couture and custom portraits that carry Arifa's signature style. The funds raised will be used for creating a painting collection titled "The Poetry of Being Woman" and exhibitions in London, Geneve, Paris , publishing a book of art and poetry on the same theme, along with an iPad app - essentially activities to promote further artistic endeavours.

If you wish to learn more about Arifa’s vision or the project before making a pledge, you can watch her video, enjoy her art, read her poetry and pledge your support at by searching for "The Poetry of Being Woman". (Or copy paste this URL on your browser The kickstarter project will be active until 5th Dec and the fund raising is all or nothing. If the target of GBP20000 is met, the funds and rewards will be disbursed. Otherwise the supporters will get a full refund of the amount pledged from

To keep abreast of the progress, please like Facebook page "The Poetry of Being Woman" at -

You can follow Arifa on instagram: arifakhan and twitter @misskhan.

A PDF document of Arifa's paintings is available for download at

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