The Portable Batting Cage System That All Started with a Boy and His Bat

Cages*Plus Shares How They Came to Be the Leader in Portable Batting Cages


Nampa, ID -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/09/2016 -- The importance of practicing any sport can't be overstated enough. When it comes to popular sports like football and basketball, it can be pretty easy to find a way to get some great practice in without having to go far or without needing much in the way of equipment. With baseball, however, the challenge can often be far greater.

Perhaps the following process sounds familiar and even brings back memories of some long, tiring nights:

1. Gather up twenty or more baseballs in a bucket
2. Drive to a local ball field and wait for availability
3. Pitch (and duck on occasion) while your son or daughter hits
4. Run around chasing the balls that were hit
5. Lose some balls, because the ball and grass color are about the same – brown!
6. Repeat steps 3 – 5 until dark or until you're out of balls
7. Drive home exhausted while saying to yourself, "There has to be a better way!"

Thanks to Bob DeCloss, owner and president of Cages*Plus, there is a better way – one that's priced with the family in mind. Parents have work and kids have school and life is filled with a million things to do. Going through the long process of practicing at local park can be not only time consuming but extremely unproductive as well. What led Bob to the creation of his portable batting cage system was his own personal experience with the tiring process of practicing at the park. Bob's story is that of his son's. Outside of school practice, Bob's son Daniel had the same old arduous hitting program for several years. He and his son needed something better. On top of all this, Daniel was getting stronger – something Bob realized after getting tagged a few times when pitching to him from in front of the mound with no protection. Naturally, Bob looked to see if there was a portable batting cage on the market that would work for him and his son. There wasn't. They were way out of his price range and they were permanent. Bob wanted something portable and something affordable.

Without missing a beat, Bob used his mathematics and physics background and invented a totally new design: a cage with netting draped over the frame. After using it for some time, Daniel, "You know, dad, I'll bet there are a lot of people out there who'd love to have what we have." So in 1998, they checked the internet and discovered that Daniel was right! And so, Cages*Plus was officially born.

"We have had a blast," shared Bob. "It has been a real joy listening to hundreds and hundreds of families say how appreciative they are to have something they can afford and use in their own backyard. And, if imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then we are really flattered. The competition used to ignore us, then they said beware of 'homemade remedies', now they copy us."

As for Daniel – who loved baseball and spent hours every day in his portable batting cage after school and after practice – his high school team took second in state his junior year, and won the state title his freshman, sophomore, and senior year. Today, he and his father are proud to offer the same opportunity for those who love the game all in one quality and affordable system.

Visit to learn more about the Wheelhouse! Folks can buy today and be hitting within a week.

About Cages*Plus
Cages*Plus is a father-son owned family business begun in 1998 with the construction of the world's first highly portable, affordable, and durable batting cage system – The Wheelhouse. Since their beginning, they have gone on to satisfy countless baseball players around the country with their products which include batting cages, pitching machines, netting, and other baseball and softball accessories. Cages*Plus offers a one year money back guarantee on their batting cages.