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The Potty Training for Boys That's a No Brainer


Quebec, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/13/2014 -- Why is potty training boys so difficult? It is very common to find these exact words written in countless threads in forums of moms at their wits end because their son refuses to use a potty. A lot of good parents have started potty training only to give up because of their stubborn boys. Fortunately there is a solution that simply works and can be found this website

Here are some interesting statistics. In the mid nineteen hundreds most babies would have finished toilet training by the time they were two and be dry during the night by the age of three?  However, research in 2002 said that the average child was being trained at over two years old and daytime dryness was achieved at nearly three years of age. Night time accidents or bed wetting is considered normal until five or even six years of age. The statistics suggest that the age of potty training has dramatically increased over the last few decades.

The statistics also say that 70% of girls are trained by the age of three compared to just 50% of boys. Interestingly, many people who have studied these statistics believe that the introduction of disposable diapers to the mass market is the main reason for the delay in switching from diapers to underwear. In recent years the new nappy pull ups are also encouraging parents to delay training. Although advertised as a way to transition from nappies to bowel control they actually delay training rather than enhance it.

One woman who was asked her opinion on the issue potty training boys said

“When I think about potty training I get really nervous and stressed about the whole thing. He is a beautiful young boy who is very adventurous and energetic but he really knows how to throw a tantrum when he is not happy about something.”

There is a lot of pressure to be the perfect mom and potty training is one of those times where parents feel that they must get it right the first time because if a parent fails it might hamper their child’s toilet training.

The simple truth of the matter is that it is easy to keep using diapers and hard to do potty training. However, this can affect the development of children and has a big impact on a parent’s wallet!  How much do diapers cost the average family a month or even a week?

This is where the training from author Carol Cline comes in. She has created a great system that takes just three days to implement and has a 97% success rate. To help people understand why potty training is important and how her programme works she has created a helpful video which visually explains how the programme.  Check out the sales video here.

The feedback this course has received has been phenomenal. Many parents love it because it is so easy to understand and put into practise. The training comes in audio, video and written formats, perfect for every type of learning style. The written formats come with e-reader versions like kindle so the information can easily be read at the parent’s convenience. The programme also includes reward charts and when parents join the programme, they get a chance to contact the author directly with any specific questions they have related to their son.

For parents who have struggled with potty training their wonderful son in the past or are scared of failing, it’s time to take action and succeed by clicking here.