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The Power of Negative Thinking


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/13/2013 -- Many people have identified weight loss as a mind over matter battle rather than a physical one, and some of this could be true. Doctor Pamela Peeke M.D. of ACE Fitness recently discussed in an interview the power that sabotaging thoughts can have on ruining a diet and exercise plan.

“It’s all about the mind, the mouth and the muscles,” she advised. “Unless you have the mind straight, you won’t be able to engage your mouth and muscles properly. The link is what you think.”

She suggests that those struggling with weight loss, dieting, or finding time to exercise need to engage the mind with the body in order for total success. It’s essential to change the way a person thinks in order to change their body.

One key point is to realize that it’s not what happens, but rather what a person thinks about what happens that can create negative emotions (anger, sadness, guilt). A person can upset themselves by holding onto too inflexible beliefs, such as they must follow a low carb diet for success, or they’ll only lose weight if they cut out dairy. Every body is different and different body types react different ways. Holding oneself to these inflexible ideals is setting up for failure before a program has even been started.

In addition to this, demanding oneself to be perfect or accomplish goals in a set amount of time is self-defeating. Unmet demands can make a person feel guilty over success or failure, and expectations that a person can eat whatever they wish without consequence is also self-defeating. It’s important to find balance between expectations and demands.

It’s also time to dispose of the “musts” that go along with the demands. Demanding that a person must eat the way everyone else does, or choose the exact same exercise program for results is unfair to both others and to oneself. Life mustn’t always be fair, and situations (including diet and exercise) can be adapted to encourage a person rather than weigh them down with unwarranted expectations.

The next time a person is struggling with a situation in where they feel they’ve failed at their diet or exercise program, experts suggest changing the way the picture looks for different results. This will not only put the real picture into perspective, but can provide encouragement, self-support, and healthier mental well-being than negative thinking ever will.

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