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The Power of Photography - Above and Beyond Visual Imagination

How to Capture a Still Image but That Which Has its Own Story to Tell


Wilsonville, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/02/2014 -- Anybody can capture an image but the true meaning of photography is all about capturing an image that has a story embedded in it. That is the Power of Photography and probably that is why they say that Photography is an Art. Photography is not just a hobby these days it is a profession. Many individuals now depend on professional photographers for different occasions such as engagements, weddings, birthday parts and many other special events. One of the main reasons for depending on professionals is their ability to capture the memories in such a way that these pictures would take them back to the event in a true sense.

There are certain professional photographers who simply wish to be fine art photographers or landscape photographers merely because of their love for nature. Dennis Frates is one such professional and award winning fine art photographer who has spent years, months, days and hours to create his own unique style of photography. Just like a painting could tell a story, each and every image created by Dennis also has a unique story to tell. Dennis’s images for sure have a direct contact with his visual imagination.

The Power of Photography is known to one and all. Every image is an artistic representation which is again a result of the artist’s curiosity to capture the image the way the artist wants to. It is beyond those technical terms of photography, zooming, color, background, shutter speed and many others. It is as though the artist is playing hide and seek with nature itself by capturing every moment it makes, hiding the flaws and highlighting the good. Photography is no easy task and beyond every successful photographer there is the artist’s passion to get connected with the image even before it is clicked. Dennis Frates offers such images which are nothing but true masterpieces.

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About Dennis Frates
Dennis Frates is a renowned and award winning fine art photographer who specializes in landscape photography, seascapes, mountains, deserts, lakes, streams, gardens, beaches, sunsets and many more. Dennis has contributed immensely to National Geographic, Sierra Club, Audubon and many others.

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