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The Practice to Buy Facebook Likes! a New Social Media Trend to Buy Likes Grows Among Companies

With the growth of social media, companies are now tending to buy Facebook likes and Twitter followers in a ridiculous way to increase their popularity in Social Media and the Bureau of International Information Programs is known to have spent more than $600K in fake likes.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/27/2013 -- Last summer, the Washington Examiner published that State Department officials spent $630,000 to "buy likes for Facebook," prompting employees to complain to a government watchdog that the bureau was "buying fans" in social media, the agency's inspector general says. The 2012 Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney experienced one such scandal last year, when his Twitter handle automatically gained around 115,000+ followers in a 24 hour period; suspicious, no? Newt Gingrich was also accused as well of hiring a social-media firm to artificially inflate his Twitter following with fake accounts and even the German Christian Democratic Union party (CDU), led by Chancellor Angela Merkel, was put on the spot by a suspicious unfair competition in Twitter according to the German Hyperland Blog.

This practice is not a secret to Facebook and the finding of one of these social media supplier websites is surprisingly easy. A simple Google search for “buy social likes” turns up dozens of Web sites like, and that sell Facebook fans by the thousands (and often Twitter followers and Instagram followers).

At, for example, users simply enter their Facebook page URL and pay with their Paypal account or a credit card with just a few clicks. And it’s not just ego-driven politicians or well known internet marketers and "online gurus". Celebrities, journalist, entrepreneurs, aspiring rock bands, movie trailers and almost anyone who might benefit from having a large number of followers and fans — are known to have purchased large numbers of Facebook likes and Twitter followers. Nowadays a friend or a business who brags about having thousands of Facebook likes may have not earned them through the hard work of social networking; He, she or it may have simply purchased those "likes" from a social media reseller website like But why do these companies still keep with this new trend of purchasing likes or followers for different social media networks?

Allan Robertson, founder of a Floridian company that helps people raise money for trips, spent $39 on to buy 1000 Facebook likes last September, when his website started. By last October, “we had about 4,100 to 1,200 people on both Twitter and Facebook, which was amazing,” he said. “We needed that to get ourselves going.”

Imel Seda, the founder of SocialMedia-Combo, in Orlando, Fla., said that he has sold more than ten million followers and fans for his clients, which include musicians, start-ups and some well-known actors and actress which he declined to identify.

“And it’s so cheap, too,” he said. In one instance, Imel Seda said, he got an order of 2 million Twitter followers and 200K Facebook likes for just one client".

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